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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by maybrown, May 8, 2007.

  1. maybrown

    maybrown is not a woman

    After I had an accident with injured person. Police wrote me a ticket . While waiting for a hearing I don 't know if I have any hope. My family all relies on my job. Thanks! :mad:
  2. local804

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    Cant believe I wasted 15 seconds of my life clicking on this link.
  3. Leftinbuilding

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    Am I not the only one who has to click on a "title" several times before it opens?
  4. Leftinbuilding

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    How long have you been driving for UPS?
  5. Raw

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    You people are brutal, obviously MayBrown is in distress. MayBrown, is this your first accident and how long have you been driving?
  6. maybrown

    maybrown is not a woman

    3 years as full time + 4 years as part time.
  7. maybrown

    maybrown is not a woman

    I had 1 minor accident in a parking lot 2 years ago. No ticket no police report. I am in deep distress. :crying:
  8. outamyway

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    If your lucky there as laxed at your center as they are at mine. I know a combo driver who had 2 accidents in one day. Reported one but not the other. He was canned, or so we thought. 2 weeks later he was back on the job. Backpay incuded.
  9. Leftinbuilding

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    Lenient here too. I would think maybe a 2 week suspension. Tough, but not the end of the world.
  10. scratch

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    You are not telling us any details. How did it happen? How bad someone got hurt? etc. I know someone who had a rollaway, P7 hit a car with pregnant woman in it(no injury), was fired, but got his job back when it went to arbitration.
  11. DS

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    Keep your head up maybrown,a lot of us get terminated only to be rehired shortly thereafter.I had 4 accidents in 2 months
    and they canned me,and called me in for a meeting two weeks later and rehired me.Keep bugging your teamsters
    rep and your steward.If you generally get on well with your
    immediate sup,try to get him/her to put in a good word for you.If after a month it still looks bleak,apply at fedex,they
    love ex-upsers.I wish you luck.
  12. maybrown

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    I failed to adjust my speed when a car in front of my truck suddenly applied brakes. He had just changed to my lane.
    I hit rear end and the occupied driver went to the hospital to check up (no visible injury).
  13. MR_Vengeance

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    hope you get your job back man........i really hate those a-hos who cut ppl off and then slams on the brakes. go to court or sue those morons.
  14. Griff

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    So you've had a tier 3 accident and one tier 1 accident over the course of 3 years. I don't see any reason why you won't get your job back, keep on your business agent until you see results. Ask him how many people have been fired permanently at your local with your same accident record. There's not much we can do for you here, this is when you make the Teamsters work for the cut they take out of your pay every month.
  15. outamyway

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    :w00t:Somewhere there's a lawyer lickin his chops :w00t:

    Can't stand when people do that. A good following distance just leaves a big gap for some :censored2: to speed up and pull in front of you. It's a pain to deal with and unfortunate it ended up with you in an accident.

    I believe it would be classified as a Tier III. One of the worst.

    Hopefully there are no severe injuries to the driver and a lawsuit will be avoided. Those big brown trucks equal big green wads of cash.
  16. disneyworld

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    Sounds like he set you up.
  17. maybrown

    maybrown is not a woman

    My hearing will be held next week! Please advise what I need to prepare to defend my case? My family needs me to have my job very much. So do I. Thank!
  18. Leftinbuilding

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    Have a steward with you. Be prepared to articulate exactly what you did wrong, what you have learned, and how it won't happen again.
  19. maybrown

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    My steward or I will present my case? I think I need to explain by writing. I miss my customers too much. Hopefully I will serve them again.
  20. rod

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    If you were "A good driver making the numbers" before your accident I don't care if you ran over the center managers mother, you would get your job back. If you were a slacker they will can you for any minor scratch. Numbers mean EVERYTHING at UPS. Thats UPS 101.