The New Teamsters Contract

Discussion in 'UPS Freight' started by Someone in NY, Apr 3, 2008.

  1. Time for a new thread!!!!

    If any of you all have been in a union before you will realize that this contract is crap!!!!

    UPS is UPS!!! Why should we put up with a third rate contract. Why should we have different penisons or benefits then the brown guys. I heard today the official vote was 534-24 in favor of the contract.

    Come on guys and gals!!!

    What are you doing??

    Okay thats my vent. I had a better contract when I worked for Sysco. The benefits were spectacular and the pension was top notch. If you retire in 20-25 years with this contract you are only gonna come home with $4-5,000 month!!! Don't forget COLA and inflation thats gonna be crap. Theres more but read your contract!!!!!!!!


    Pass it along, dont sign for this contract. I know some of you guys think this is the best thing since sliced bread but it can better than you imagine. We just cant lie down for crap!!
  2. ups79

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    Go back to sysco.
  3. steamroll

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    why is it if someone speaks out on the conditions of something why are they told to quit or vacate? ups79 must be management. remember ups gets what it pays for. pretty soon they get part time minimum wage teamsters that can't get hired at mcdonald's. so what out for more damage packages getting loaded in the package cars with no pride in it.
  4. Buckethead

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    How about not having any contract. would that satisfy you. How great is it now? They used to pay a .6 for me to break and put away my pups. Now their only giving me a .5. That's funny the work didn't change, I still have to do the same thing, why did the pay change. This is the kind of shyte that will happen on a regular basis without a contract.

    I don't know who thinks it's the best thing since sliced bread, but it's not bad for a FIRST CONTRACT. How long has Sysco employees been under a union? I'll bet it's a long time. In that time they have negotiated better contracts as they went. UPS Parcel, how long has it's employees been under a union? I'll bet it's it's been a long time also. Do I have to continue? Do you guy's want the top without earning it? it's never going to happen. Take a look at other freight companies, are they offering .10 cpm in five years? Are they offering their employees a $5 raise for hourly in the next 5 years? :censored2::censored2::censored2:! I'll bet you are the same type that didn't want the union into your precious Overnite, but now that it's more than likely going to be union you won't settle for nothing less than the best as far as the contract is concerned.

    Keep bashing it, meanwhile, you'll be reaping the benefits.

    I got an Idea, if you're so disgusted with the contract, show it by not cashing any of the paychecks. not going to happen
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    It sounds like you have a better pension plan than us pkg drivers down south.We are looking at 3k a month after 30 years.We have had to bleed brown with this company for thirty years to do that...I don't know the rest of your contract but the pension rules..
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    F'em, no contract, just slow down on the street. Hit them where it hurts.