The pain we suffer for drunks

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    Someone must have been living right. Glad no one died, but the drunk should have the book thrown at him.
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    I am quite sure that the UPS driver will still be charged with an "avoidable" accident even though the other driver was drunk....the fine members of our "safety committee" will have a meeting, eat some doughnuts, and decide that our driver failed to properly regurgitate an acronym or a memorize a commentary. Lets take him out back to the "safety zone" and give him some stickers.
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    Look at the first comment on that link. What an idiot.
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    Are we going to have to hear this everytime someone posts an accident or injury situation on this site. We already know you despise safety committees. Are you the one with the wife who is the jesus christ of safety prevention activites at whatever company she works at?

    If so why don't you just bring her in one day and heal all of us.

    A more appropriate response here might be thank god the driver survived this event.

    thank god the driver survived this event.
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    Unfortunately if it wasn't so true it wouldn't get brought up so often. We had a driver a few years back that was stopped at an intersection and a kid slid into him on an icy road and that driver got 3 days off unpaid until the "investigation" decided that he really wasn't at fault.
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    then the point he made was not true?

    We do investigate all accidents thoroughly. that case had nothing to do with safety committees sitting around eating donuts.

    There are a lot of people inolved in safety committtees that are actually trying to make a difference. Shop stewards included. Its always easy to stand on the sidelines and badmouth their efforts but I think it reflects poorly on the person lobbing the grenades.

    Any coward can stand on the sidelines and lob grenades.

  8. soberups

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    I respect anyone who is truly trying to make a difference.

    Unfortunately for those people...they fail to realize that their efforts will be for naught until they can shift UPS's focus away from simply passing a Keter audit, and direct it towards authentic safety issues that actually make a difference.

    A driver who is getting the crap beat out of him for 10 hrs a day in a 25 yr old undersized and underpowered package car from which basic safety items such as power steering and 3 point seat belts have been intentionally deleted....doesnt need a safety committee to quiz him on acronyms and buzzwords. What he a safety committee that will force UPS to make the basic, common-sense upgrades to its equipment that will keep him alive and safe.

    Acronyms wont do that.

    10-point commentaries wont do that.

    Passing grades on stupid audits wont do that.
  9. soberups

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    Wow, tieguy, did someone pee in your coffee this morning?

    I never said or implied that my wife was Jesus Christ.

    I merely compared the pretend safety committees we have at UPS with the authentic safety committee at her workplace that actually address and correct safety issues instead of just repeating a 10 point commentary over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over for years without ever accomplishing anything meaningful or relevant towards creating a safe work enviornment for UPS employees.
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    I have over 21 years at UPS without a lost-time injury.

    I have over 4 years of safe driving.

    Never been on comp.

    I'm not on the sidelines. I'm right out there in the middle of the field with mud on my jersey, in the game for every play every day.

    I dont need Safety Committee cheerleaders jumping up and down on the sidelines doing the 10 point commentary cheer for me and getting their frilly panties in a knot because I wont dance and wave pom-poms with them. I prefer to focus on things that actually matter.
  11. Billy

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    If the safety committees had any power then maybe they would force the hand of UPS. All they can do in my building is spread the acronyms. It's all corporate B.S. in the end.
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    You have perfected this.
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    They have the power, they just dont realize how to use it.

    Imagine for a moment what the safety committees could actually accomplish....if they formed a nationwide network.

    Imagine the "United Safety Committees" of UPS being formed....and threatening to "go on strike" from all participation in company-mandated safety activities until UPS makes actual, meaningful changes to its equipment and facilities.

    Imagine the USC/UPS writing an open letter to OSHA explaining why it feels that further participation in UPS's safety activities is pointless.

    Of course I doubt this will happen, since most of the Safety Committee members I know have been hand-picked by management and are given preferential treatment (easy dispatches, easy overtime etc.) in exchange for not "rocking the boat" when it comes to confronting the company on safety issues. No, its a lot easier to just grade some papers, hand out a few doughnuts and call it a day.
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    Statements like this are sooooooo insulting. None of the people I have met on safety committees get easier dispatches and for our efforts, we get the stinkeye from coworkers. All for an extra 1.5 hours a month.

    Not to mention the fact that safety committees DO NOT decide whether an accident is avoidable/unavoidable. That's done purely by management. We see all the accident reports and discuss them and argue for unavoidable. Then we get the stinkeye from management.

    So, why do it???? Baby steps. Freaking baby steps. That's what it is going to take.

    If you want to make a difference, join your safety committee and stay for more than a day. If not, S**U.

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    The "safety committee" members in my barn are pulling down 3 or 4 hours of OT per week handing out muffins and stickers at the door.

    This OT counts towards their 9.5 grievances and 8 hr guess who gets to pick up the slack and cover their late pickups for them when they come in an hour early in the AM to sit in an air conditioned office and grade the same asessment worksheets over and over and over to pad their hours and beat the afternoon heat?

    Our "safety committee" co-chair gets, on average, 3 to 4 days per month where he doesnt even have to go out on car at all, but instead spends the entire day in the office grading papers and monitoring Keter audit compliance. He might spend 4 hours going to Costco and shopping for bottled water, apples and granola bars. Sometimes he colors posters. What he doesnt represent his employees on safety issues. He has been bought and paid for by the company and he sure as hell isnt going to bite the tit that is feeding him.

    I'm not going to validate the "safety committee" by participating in it. I would rather earn my money doing something that actually delivering packages to my customers for 21 years without a lost time injury.
  17. soberups

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    Baby steps are fine...until you realize that the company is leading you by the hand and all you are doing is walking in circles and continuously winding up right back in the very same place you started from.

    Instead of baby steps that lead about sitting down and refusing to walk at all until the company is willing to let those steps lead to an actual destination?
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    I've been loading for UPS for 7 years and I AM one of the best workers there. My record says it all. Having said that....

    I see safety commitee members getting preferential treatment all the time. The get more hours, preferable postions like running missorts with the mules, sitting in an air conditioned office doing cake work...while the rest of us true brown collar good workers gruel it out in the trailers.

    I have no respect for our safety commitee. They are just figure heads...pawns if you will...all about the 8 keys to load a package. Give me a break. Corporate nonsense. Instead of pumping money into a fake commitee, why don't you take that money and give us all raises. I don't need to know all these garbage acronymns to clog my brain.

    Safety commitee: Your a Joke - let us real workers do our thing and make UPS money.
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    the news report from the link stated that there were two drivers in the UPS truck???
    i'm sure that only one of them was driving, i'll guess the other was a supervisor doing an OJS ride. or do they do things that much more different out there in California? why would two be in the cab, it doesn't look like a sleeper team tractor.
  20. trplnkl

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    I'm sorry, I think you may have misread the article. Only one person in the truck.