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  1. saintrick

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    I do not see how moving everyone to a union plan benefits us at all. The company plan is excellent I would consider it another step back for part-timers to move to a union plan that may or may not be as good depending on what you local negotiates.

    Am I missing something?

    What exactly was the company’s first offer besides the weekly 30/60/90? Was it to move those in a union plan to the company plan?
    If so why not negotiate on eliminating the 30/60/90, maintaining the current benefits of the plan and move everyone to the company plan.

    This would give us all great insurance and lower the cost for UPS.
  2. PiedmontSteward

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    The company plans - especially for retirees and potential retirees - show too much debt on the books, according to the company. The current liability stands at $2.2 billion and that's expected to double over the next 5-10 years.

    The 30/60/90 proposal also included diluted benefits that would only cover roughly 80% of what is covered now.

    There are quite a few people on BrownCafe in Teamster plans and they have excellent health insurance. The FT'ers in my area are in a Teamster plan and have benefits equal with mine as a PT'er in a company plan.
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    I dont care what they do as long as the quality of our insurance doesnt suffer, co pays stay the same or get better, and we dont pay a dime for it. Omamacare is just a lame excuse to screw us over. I think the Union should go to the table and explain to UPS that costs of everything are rising not just healthcare. Heating costs, gas prices, food etc and tell them we need atleast 2 dollar a yr raises to keep up with inflation. How would UPS react to that? Would they go back and think of creative ways to pay us $2 a year raise?
  4. saintrick

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    Did the company's proposal include moving those in union’s plans to the company plan? How much money could UPS save by eliminating the health payments to the union and insuring everyone the way it does in the company plan?
    I think the company would budge on the 30/60/90 and would maintain the current benefit levels.

    I have no doubt that retiree insurance is a burden but how does moving to a union plan help with that?
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    I know that I was surprised the first time I went to the doctor after switching to full time and to teamsters administered healthcare. More expensive! It was definitely a concession as I now have a deductible, whereas when I was part time it was 100% coverage. Luckily... the deductible isnt a big deal when you are working full time, but it would definitely have been a burden when I was part-time.

    However you spell it out... this is a CONCESSION for part-timers. And after they got completely screwed on the last contract, I dont see how we can ask them to make another concession like this. Unless we make up for it by giving them better than normal raises!
  6. Anonymous 10

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    I've never understood how partimers could have better benifits than full time employees
  7. Justaname

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    I would suspect its because they use the insurance less if that makes any sense.
  8. UPSGUY72

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    Any plan that has us paying isn't better and isn't a solution the union would approve o f. What it cost UPS for healthcare isn't a issue that the union is going to entertain UPS is making Billions each after they pay all there bills which includes healthcare cost....

    I don't care how much UPS spends on Healthcare they can afford it. When they start losing money each quarter get back to me.....
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    ..Amen!!......If you can beat us up...then you can afford to fix us!!!
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    jackie your back!!!!!!!!!
  11. brown_trousers

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    Its cheaper to insure a bunch of young adults who rarely see the doctor... vs... the older demographic of FTers that have regular knee, back, and joint issues, along with all the other medical problems of getting older.
  12. saintrick

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    Looking back at the proposal I think I can answer my own question. The company wanted to move everyone out of teamster plans.
  13. LongTimeComing

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    A large company like ours is supposed to make money, lots of it. You can't keep using that card over and over again as evidence of it's wrong-doing.

    And there is ever a time that we actually start LOSING money each quarter, odds are you won't have a job at all to be concerned about health care costs.

    What planet are you living on?
  14. East coast navy

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    Of course they do, they can claim us on their taxes. That's why the u union asked for the company to give it all up. Sounds like a bluff.
  15. Atomic_Smurf

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    If UPS starts loosing money each quarter, you may not be able to afford your internet service with what unemployment pays so getting back to you may be difficult. Big profits for UPS means we have a bigger pie to negotiate with. Unfortunately healthcare is claiming more & more of that pie as Obamacare fails to do what it promised to do.
  16. UPSGUY72

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    Don't worry about my internet service there will be bigger problems then internet service the Day that UPS goes under....

    UPS spends more for fuel then they due on healthcare get a grip. Fuel cost are a bigger concern for UPS that Healthcare cost. The only reason that we don't hear about fuel in contract negotiation is that it the cost of doing business that only can be passed onto the customer....
  17. UPSGUY72

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    UPS will never lose money.... You don't get it they can raise there rates because if they do Fed ex will too. One raise rate the other does to because there is no competition. There might be smaller shipper on a local level but there are only 2 real world wide shippers and it will be like that for ever. the overhead cost on starting a company to compete with UPS and Fed Ex is to much to chance...

    When UPS start profit sharing with there employees get back to me......
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  18. 804brown

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    If ups was so concerned with health care costs, they should have used their lobbying power to lobby for a single payer, Medicare-for -All system where healthcare would FOREVER be off the negotiating table. Blaming obamacare is not legitimate. UPS'liabilities in healthcare have accumulated over years, way before obamacare fully kicks in. The only way to stop runaway medical costs is to force Big Hospitals and Big Pharma and Big Medical Equipment and Tests to CONTROL the costs of their services or products. Passing off the problem to the union or the company is NOT THE ANSWER!!
  19. thedownhillEXPRESS

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    That and the whole nonsense of the smurfs constant ranting on things he makes up in his head which have no basis here in reality.
  20. PiedmontSteward

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    You have it backwards. The union's proposal was to move everyone from company plans to Teamster-administered plans. The company is willing to consider this as it would move the health care liability off of their books. Both sides are returning to the table the last two weeks of April to consider and review the numbers.

    I'm not willing to shoot down any of the IBT's proposals until I've actually read them.