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Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by trucker1946, Nov 21, 2006.

  1. trucker1946

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    I am retired 36 years in feeders and sleepers,however I never voluntered for extra hours nor extra days during peak.I spent time with my family and friends,I do understand that today making money is the motive to forgot.But in my opinion family and friends are forever,ups is just a part of life.Happy Holidays and drive safe,God Bless U all:thumbup1:
  2. 25yrvet

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    To agree with what you say...My philosophy is, "UPS is my living, not my life".

    In the early days I worked alot of OT voluntarily, while my wife stayed home with the kids & finished her degree. So far it's paid off very well; kids are doing great, wife loves her job & I fight tooth & nail for NO excessive OT because I don't need it any longer.
  3. trucker1946

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    Thank you for your insight on this matter,put your 30 in and get out while you are still upright:thumbup1:
  4. ragu

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    Well I'm 27, can work an 11 hour day, go for a 4 mile jog, polish off a six pack, get 6 hours sleep and burn through my split the next day. Being young and single is great.
  5. rhider

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    Looking at your profile pic....
    1) six pack??? better make it a keg!!
    2) young? not quite
    3) single? no wonder...see #1
  6. hoser

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    A woman worth his while would share that six-pack with him. Mine sure as hell does :w00t:
  7. 30andout

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    ragu hopes to look like his avatar after 40 years at UPS.:w00t:
  8. browniehound

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    Rugu, I'm only a few years older than you and i can do the same thing. Want to know what the key is? The 4 mile jog my friend. I don't know what the future holds, but jogging truly is the closest thing to the fountain of youth. Besides, it keeps you trim and no chick whats a fat, lazy, azzzzz.....
  9. SmithBarney

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    Well unfortunately peak isn't much different than the rest of our summer was
    10-11hour days are nothing new... actually the past few weeks have been refreshingly light, we have seasonal drivers running now.. I know it'll get up to 13hr days... but no problem So the pay isn't much different than all summer.
  10. 30andout

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    Oh, to be 27 again. It'll catch up to you some day, enjoy it while you can.
  11. trickpony1

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    Browniehound-"....but jogging truly is the closest thing to the fountain of youth.". is until your ankles, knees and hips blow out.

    I'm acquainted with the "runners high" and visit it regularly on an elliptical trainer. There's less impact on the joints, no vehiclar traffic and the scenery is usually really nice.

    Just my opinion.......
  12. sendagain

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    I did a little jogging after work in my younger days as well. It is fine until you start to feel some pain and realize you might need those legs of yours to finish your career. Once you get into your forties and fifties, you hope to keep the body well enough to get through every week, especially peak season. The daily overtime and handling of tons of weight do add up over the years. There is a lot of stress that is in the job as well. The body seems to improve a little after retirement.
  13. NI1

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    Hi there everyone. I just signed up today and I just dont know where to put my first post. But I have to say that it is an honor to see all the hard working UPSers in this forum. I am a driver here in California, been driving for almost 13 years (was hired when they were 'experimenting' EAM).

    Anyway, with 3 knee surgeries I find it helpful to just relax and 'heal up' after work. But I do work out from time to time.
  14. softshoe

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    Sendagain is correct about this. The excessive physical stress does takes its toll on alot of the bodys joints. Its great to see how your body can rebound after some time off.
  15. browniehound

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    Trick, jogging does take its toll on your joints. What I should have said was aerobic activity is close to the fountain of youth. While I enjoy going out for a job and enjoying the surroundings in my early 30's I know I can't do this forever. Like you said, I'll probably get an eliptical machine or do laps in a pool 5 days a week and maybe jog once per week
  16. hoser

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    Stairmaster, baby :tongue_sm