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    Pip posted on another thread that as a lurker, it seems that there is a lot of hostility. Mostly between management and hourly. Almost like we are at each others throats. What you are seeing is more smoke than fire.

    A lot of people come on this site from a lot of different backgrounds, jobs, experiences etc. They all have an unique view of UPS from the angle that it is viewed. Some have viewed it from different angles, at different times.

    Very few lie, or are just trying to cause trouble.

    We as UPSers are by our very competitive nature, very passionate about our views. Sometimes that passion, on the internet, is viewed as hateful or flaming in nature. Thats just the nature of the internet.

    The majority of the posters here would enjoy spending time in the company of others on this site, even those that we disagree with profusely.

    So please, dont let the tone of this site turn you off or send you away. It is, still by far, the best internet site dealing with UPS and the specialized issues that deal with life at UPS and afterward.

    We are(at least for the most part) UPSers.

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    i hate to disagree with you but i do there is more fire than smoke. i have worked for ups 22 years and have been a steward for 4 , so i can go back to the bad old days of non stop supervisor screaming. but that is all it was , just noise. now there is nothing but threats on your job and for things that you can not be fired for , which is performance. now if someone is out there stealing time and if you are doing that you might as well be opening packages it is wrong. but i would have to say that 95% of the drivers i represent go out and give 100% everyday and supervision is all over them. so this climate of fear and hate is comming from the people who run this company which most of us used to be proud to work for.
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    I agree 100%.[EVIL][/EVIL]
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    TS is not a UPSer (although his present tense language may decieve you). Pensioner?

    Not everyone can hack it out at UPS
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    who is TS ?
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    Tom Selleck. Washed out at UPS, ended up acting.
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    you call that acting?
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    I just looked at Wikipedia. He is best known for his mustache. (Not his acting!)
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    I'll take his lineup of ex girlfriends over mine:greedy:
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    Thread Starter
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    Telly Savalas?
  12. over9five

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    Tom Sawyer?
  13. over9five

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    Tupac Shakur?
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    Tom Snyder......
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    Tony Snow? RIP

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    Tactical Submarines
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    Tory Spelling........
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    Tony Stewart or is it Steward
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    Tony Soprano????
  20. Pkgrunner

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    Tourette Syndrome