Truck salute.

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  1. mikeups1978

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    It seems only when a certain amount of drivers retire they get a truck salute. What I mean is that on their last day or on their retirement party as soon as they walk out the door tractors and Ottawa's are lined up on both sides of the sidewalk honking their horns at that person until he walk to the guard shack. Does someone have to be special to have a truck salute?
  2. oldngray

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    I never heard of a truck salute. All I got was at PCM, Oh yeah, this is your last day isn't it? And nothing else.
  3. cachsux

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    We do here most times. I have a picture somewhere. Also, when drivers get married we line up trucks to celebrate the wedding night.
  4. scratch

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    We had a driver recognized at our PCM Friday for 35 years of company service. I got a wooden plaque for mine three years ago, he was handed what looked like a 8X11 envelope. I hope he gets more than that. I have never heard of a truck salute, most of the time they don't even mention the driver's name on his last day where I work at.
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    nothing here, and I mean nothing * you will go for several weeks and then realize, I haven't seen Jim

    Oh, retired
  6. serenity now

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    maybe it was a coupon to redeem for a plaque, the coupons will be phased out soon
  7. balland chain

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    Or maybe it was a coupon for a Christmas turkey @ .79 cents a pound..
  8. 40andOut

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    I just delivered to a retired package driver today. He started in 1967 and worked his last day in 2000. They had a big party for him on his last day, and he brought his family in to the building as well. At the time, I worked for the best center manager I ever had, a real guy who cared about his workers. That was 13 years ago. They don't even announce a drivers last day at PCM anymore. I am going to make a point of organizing something for the guys who will retire soon. If the managers won't do anything, I think the co-workers should. I am sure it stings a bit not to be acknowledged. Any suggestions?
  9. gman042

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    You know.....that is the most pathetic thing ever. A company that uses the backs of its employees to grow and prosper with nary a word for their years of service.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Our center still holds retirement and Circle of Honor ceremonies.
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    Years ago that was done for a couple of the first retirees just as the retirement parties were done for the for tham as well. The last contract there has been seven of us retire and the first one had a party and that was it. Our sups did get a cake the last day we worked and had a pcm , two have left after me so who knows if they did anything for them.Almost 37 years and a cake it's really sad !!!
  12. cachsux

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    I will admit our building has taken care of it's drivers when they retire. They have a choice of pizza or cake for anyone who want's to come by and it's usually posted the monday before so all are aware. If wives come they have always been given roses.