UPS And The International Brotherhood Of Teamsters Begin Contract Negotiations

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    • National Master Agreements Cover 250,000 UPS Employees
    • Current 5-year Pact Runs Through July 31, 2018
    UPS (NYSE: UPS) today confirmed contract talks with the International Brotherhood of Teamsters have begun on new collective bargaining agreements. The current five-year contract continues through July 31, 2018.

    “UPS and the union have many shared objectives and our intent is to negotiate in an environment of mutual respect,” said Al Gudim, UPS Labor Relations President. “We believe all parties recognize that taking care of our customers with reliable service is the key to maintaining a company that rewards our employees and provides excellent job security. We are in a rapidly changing industry and look forward to working together with union negotiators to strongly position UPS for the future.”

    UPS has maintained contractual relationships with the Teamsters since the 1930s. Since the initial contract, the ranks of Teamster-represented UPS employees has grown from a few thousand to more than 250,000 today.
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