UPS Discounted Employee Stock Purchase Program

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  1. fishermanga

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    Hello to all,

    I recieved a letter saying that I can buy discounted UPS stocks, before I call them, I wanted to see if anyone bought UPS stocks. Id like to learn how much discount do we get, and how soon can we sell them?

    Thank you in advance
  2. tieguy

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    five percent discount. 10 percent under normal conditions.
  3. H_E_Pennypacker

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    Make sure you read all of the fine print before enrolling. I don't think it is a bad program; just make sure you know the details... Specifically: how they determine the price at which you buy and how quickly you are allowed to sell the shares. I believe there is a 2 year minimum before you are allowed to sell the stock (to prevent you from using the DESPP to conduct trading.)
  4. konsole

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    if your looking to hold them long term it may not be a bad idea but short I would take into consideration the potential that the economy might not be recovering any time soon.
  5. klein

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    I wanted to enroll at 10% off. But that changed to 5%, and it wasn't worth it.
    I'm heavily invested into the nasdaq. Those returns are much higher.
    I believe more on internet, communications, computers more then I do in a parcel delivery service provider to have higher returns and keep striving.

    You can get a nasdaq mutual fund from any bank.. (here the minimum is $25.00 per payment), that can be weekly, bi weekly or even monthly.

    I'm holding steady with my investment, even though the market turn down.
    Because companies, such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, are still making huge profits .Apple & Intel were the latest, that surprised everyone with greater then expected earnings.

    It;s your choice though. You need to think in the long run.

    In the long run (when the econemy is back on track), we all know gasoline will be over $4.00 a gallon once again. And just climb from there.

    But, in the other hand, people have gotten used to new technoligy. And replace it every few years (pc's, cellphones, blackberrys, mp3 players, etc).

    My bet is tech ! (for the highest return).
  6. Hawaii50

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    Apple and Intel surprised everyone. If everyone knew what products are driving Apple and Intel numbers. Everyone would not have been surprised with their earnings.

    Apple beat estimates cause of the Iphone sales. Intel beat estimates cause of the netbooks sales from computer sales. All netbooks use Intel's Atom processor. As long as the netbooks are hot with consumers and AMD doesn't create a processor that will run a netbook. Intel will continue to beat it's estimates. However the rumor is Apple might swtich the intel processors found in their Macbooks to AMD. If that was to happen watch AMD stock shoot upwards. Apple might also start making netbooks if that was to happen Apple stock is going to go through the roof.

    FYI "Steve Jobs is the master of the reinvention old products, renaming them and becomes a hit with consumers. Such as the 3rd generation Ipods. Old techonolgy new color, new theme and it becomes a hit again. The Iphone 3g just tweak it and becomes another hit with consumers. As long Jobs is at the head of Apple. Apple is going to outperform. Don't underestimate the power of Steve Job's reality distorition field.

    Personally UPS is good investment for the long term provided management makes good decisions. Lately Managment in the field is making crazy decisions, rumor is cause the guys at the top want it that way. Personally I think the guys at the top are using attrition "unrealistic goals. You are going to fail by design" so I can get rid of you, cause in a few years you are going to retire, and UPS does'nt want to fund your retirement 100%.
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  7. Hawaii50

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  8. klein

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    Holy crap Hawaii, your an old fart, aren't ya?
    I remember that show from my little childhood. I wanted to become a cop because of that show.

    Anyways, good to know, you think alike.
    Tech is diffinitly on the move, and will and has outperformed recently.
    Maybe a comeback from year 2000 (4000+ nasdaq) ?
  9. Hawaii50

    Hawaii50 Active Member

    I'm not old in my mid 20's.
  10. fishermanga

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    Thanks everyone for the all info. 5% wont worth it, and If I had to hold at least one year I may even loose money because of uncertainity on the markets.

    I agree with Klein, tech is the one to invest, I have some CSCO, I traded some QQQQ and Im waiting for a dip on PALM. Klein, can you tell about mutual funds some? how does that work? I always do stock and ETF, and i need to learn how option market and mutual funds work as well

  11. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Please note; you are only allowed to change the amount of your weekly deduction once per quarter.
    A fellow worker a couple of years ago came up with a great plan, for the first few weeks he deducted the max and tried to drop the weekly amount down to his normal level, only to be told no. His first call afterward was to his wife asking if they could live on his reduced paycheck, some weeks he only took home $20. He did get over 80 shares that quarter.
  12. feederdriver06

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    In the short term UPS stock=dead money . . . . .In the Looooooong term it might be ok but you better have a lengthy time horizon. At least it is probably still paying a dividend.
  13. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    Mutual funds are easy (they might be called differently in the states) You can go to your bank, and set up auto-deductions every week, bi weekly or monthly. Kinda like a savings account, just it goes into a mutual fund (stocks).
    My main mutual fund is the Nasdaq one.
    The top holdings of my funds are :

    1. Apple Inc.
    2. Qualcomm Inc.
    3. Microsoft Corp.
    4. United States NASDAQ 100 E-Mini Index Future, September 2009
    5. Google Inc., Class 'A'
    and several others in the nasdaq, just at a smaller pecerntage.
    All it is, instead of just investing into one single company, you invest in a whole group of them (safer).

    Options on the other hand, you'll need atraders account (which you probably already have).
    Then you purchase a certain company for a certain time (usually 6 mths).
    You can ever place a out or a call bet on them. (put meaning , you think it'll sink, call , betting on it will rise) in that time period.
    I never got into that myself. But, I know, it only takes a fraction of investment to either get rich or lose .
    You can read up on it. (easy enough to search on the net).
    If I had money and the will to buy options... I'ld go with natural gas companies... natural gas has been hit hard, lowest price in years.
    And with winter around the corner, it'll only go up. Besides, it'll recover just as much or even more then oil, was this recission gets lighter or is over. For me, it's a safe bet. (and it's a short-term win) !

    I would if I had the extra cash, but it's all tied up. If I win a few thousand in the lottery, that would be my next investment, before it's too late.

    Remember, just my opinion, but I doubt natural gas will get cheaper.
  14. Pip

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    I'm no financial expert by any means. But I do have a question. wouldn't it be a good time to buy right now? Looks like the economy might be on the upward swing, and has corrected itself. The housing report has shown signs of life. Seems to me and I might be wrong here, if i was to buy now and ups stock works it's way back up towards the $70's and 80's per share. I'd be looking pretty good.
  15. UpstateNYUPSer

    UpstateNYUPSer Very proud grandfather.

    You have some valid points but the changes made to the DESPP have made it a less than stellar option. You can also buy UPS stock through the Self Managed portion of your 401k.
  16. 1989

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    you can get a better discount at the market.
  17. satellitedriver

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    You would, IMHO, fair better saving your money in a banks savings account, before you invest.
    Accumulate money, while you do your due diligence.
    80% of all Mutual Funds never beat the benchmark of the S&P.
    Buy and sell stock pickers do even worse, on average.
    If you only look at a 1 year time frame and the uncertainty of the market, you should not be in the poker game.
    One stock I will recommend for long term growth is;
    Quality Systems Inc,
    It has grown about 288% since 2006, it grew100% last year, during the downturn of the market.
    Please, do your own research and do not take my advice upon my word, but it has been a better investment for me than Google and I bought in at $100 for that.
    As far as the original question about the UPS discount stock, that's a tough call.
    I buy it every week as a piggy bank stock and for no other reason.
    Best of Luck,

  18. klein

    klein Für Meno :)

    That was written July 28th.

    Todays news :

    Participants showed continued favor for commodities, which helped the CRB Commodity Index advance 1.8% as gold prices settled 1.4% higher at $1020.20 per ounce and silver prices climbed 2.5% to a new 12-month high of $17.43 per ounce. Oil prices jumped 2.2% to $72.51 per barrel. Not to be outdone, natural gas prices settled 12.2% higher at $3.77 per contract. Natural gas prices are now up more than 55% from the 7-year lows that were set earlier this month.
  19. whiskey

    whiskey New Member

    You are right. It's the perfect time to buy. The company many even announce a split early December. First one since the 99 IPO. Merry Christmas! Remember, no one knows where the bottom will be until 6 months after the fact. Your instincts are correct. Visions of a brand new 45 foot Sea Ray.