1. MarvelousMunata

    What do the drivers like??

    Do the drivers care how the preloader sets up their truck?? What are some preferences? Supervisors keep telling us to just get everything in, doesnt matter how. But I dont wana set my drivers' day up to be :censored2:ty. Today I was complimented by one of my drivers for how I load his truck, he said...
  2. B

    UPS INNOVATIONS The new surepost?

    Anyone else seeing these on their routes? I see 5-10 on my route everyday.
  3. Catatonic

    Southern UPSers Laughing at Northern UPSers Driving in the Snow

    Winter storm hits New York City with up to 13 inches of snow; over 2,000 flights suspended More than 11 inches coated the Bronx and Brooklyn, while Rego Park in Queens received 13 inches, and 10 inches fell in Staten Island’s Great Kills. On Long Island, where the whirling snow reduced...
  4. BigUnionGuy

    UPS and Waco Texas

    UPS Driver Who Delivered Guns and Ammo to David Koresh Before Fatal Waco Standoff Breaks His Silence
  5. P

    Fastest Loader in the World

    These are my numbers. I'm the fastest guy at my hub by about 1000 packages. Does anyone know someone faster?
  6. PeasAndCarrots

    Exactly how does a strike work?

    With the new contract coming up and UPS showing out with the 70 hour work weeks and hiring SPVD’s, I feel like a strike might actually happen. I’m just not sure exactly what that entails for us as union members and I have a couple of questions if someone could answer. 1) Is the strike fund...
  7. The Driver

    NDA and savers relaxed commit time (1800)?

    Is this company wide? This was me today:
  8. Brownslave688


    Anyone else have a crazy amount of irregular packages today. Resi guy I split my helper with had 30 less stops than normal but. Totally blown out truck.
  9. Catatonic

    Atlanta Snowmageddon ... AGAIN

    3 - 6 inches in and around the Atlanta area at 32° and getting colder. I, myself, am up to snow good. Schools didn't call a snow day ... now parents and news stations are flocking mad. UPS Drivers still out? Corporate employees get their packages at home?
  10. Bubblehead

    At What Point....?

    ....does UPS say "uncle"? When will this company tell the truth; that we can't maintain an infrastructure, fleet, and the staffing necessary to accommodate the ever increasing influx of volume for essentially 2 months of the year? How much longer will the Union allow a bunch of pencil neck...
  11. I

    New driver 30 days

    Hi, I am still in my packet, and have gotten word that I may be fired, because I have too much over allowance. I am about 3 weeks in, and have busted my butt, no lunch just stops and miles as fast as I can. Not sure what I can do to improve, other than better navigation to stops, but I am...
  12. B

    What’s the rudest message you’ve ever received on the DIAD?

    received one on Saturday. “You’ve only delivered 30 stops. You’re NOT NEW ANYMORE!” This was my 3rd Saturday on this blind route. So I drove around angry for the next 7 hours. That’s safe!
  13. K

    Tdp vs Feeder run

    I'm curious why (what should be a newly acquired feeder run) would then get a bid posted in our center as a TDP/Package car job. We've never had TDP jobs in our center yet they've been cutting Feeder runs left & right? Why would they not assign this new business to Feeders?
  14. N

    Diad Issues.....please help

    1st day out by myself, Seems like nothing was going right. Keep getting packages not found..etc...Can someone please explain to me how to do a ( DR ) and (NDR) and (Sig Req) For instance today I had a couple of Sig Req so I done the following: 1) Scan 2)Enter 3)Get sig 4)Sig Key 5)Type Last...
  15. JL 0513

    Late air - Is this widespread? What's going on?

    For the past 2 months, we've had late air 2-3 times a week, every week. Either requiring on road meets or waiting in the building for a half hour. The "normal" frequency is more like a late air day once every 2-3 weeks (at least in my center). I'm in the northeast. Is this a problem stemming all...
  16. 1


    I was fired from the company for having a package on my truck without a scan during a audit. The next day I was called in & was terminated. What can I do ?
  17. TooTechie

    Funny/odd diad notes

    I've seen some pretty funky notes in the diad but this one made me laugh thinking about what must have transpired... Anyone else see any funny or weird notes for an address?
  18. soberups

    5 Commandments for using a helper (On Topic)

    #1--Thou shalt make safety thy first concern. On day 1, I always give my helper a 5 min lecture on staying safe. That means NO RUNNING, PERIOD. That means 100% use of the handrail when entering or exiting, no exceptions. That means that, if I screw up and start the engine before they have the...