UPS stock..


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I was just curious as far as selling UPS stock goes. I finished a divorce a year and a half ago which left quite a bit of debt that I am trying to eliminate. I have about 80 shares of UPS stock which would be more than enough to cover all the debts and would probably save me a good amount of interest.

I am not sure how many of these shares are available to sell as there is the 2 year hold on them and I understand that you must sell in blocks of 100 shares. I tried to call Mellon investor which I was on hold for quite awhile so I thought I would just see if anyone here could tell me what my options are with this stock.

I guess my real question is:

Is there a way to sell when there are less than 100 available shares?

Or is there a way to borrow against this stock through Mellon? I tried my bank to see if I could get a loan with this stock as collateral but they do not do that.

I really do not want to sell but I think it might be my best option without taking out another loan. This would also free up almost $500 a month in bills which would really help. The divorce took my credit down the toilet and my credit score is only around 600-620. I pay quite a bit in child support each week and it will be another year before I hit top pay as a driver through progression.

Thanks and I appreciate any advice you could give!