UPS sues Local 2727 in Federal court

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    UPSCO has sued Local2727 over a recent arbitration decision. Why would a company sue a union when a mediator has returned a decision? Go to local2727 and read the "lawsuit" for yourself, and ask why would a company spend money on mediated decision. When the union loses a decision, and it is not often, we all learn to live by the mediator's decision, respecting their view. UPS is a sore loser and throws good money after bad, yes it is several millions of dollars of unlawful actions by UPSCO and it agents over foreign work that was performed by mechanics from other countries by non FAA certified mechanics. The company would rather pay vendors than have their own workers perform their maintenace on large, long range, commercial jets that provide service worldwide.

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    2727 are a bunch of crooked mechanics that have been robbing UPS for years.......
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    LOL - I think this is called tit for tat!

    are you an echo machine?
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    What is that saying " opinions are like as*holes everybody has one".

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    I wish you were my union steward, you really have a way with words...
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    I think we should just run the whole bunch of cry babies off............. And then go and rehire some folks that really want to work!

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    I love it when Teamsters turn on Teamsters
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    I think he was talking about UPS mgmt,:surprised:
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    STUG: We're not as "organized" as you think!!:happy-very: We are; but not too much!!!:wink2: