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    UPS and the U.S. Postal Service reached agreement on a deal that will put mail on planes of the package-delivery company and could improve the post office's reliability, The Wall Street Journal reported, citing unnamed people familiar with the matter said.
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    Hey thats good news. Help the postal service improve their delivery times while we still are struggling to get the air here before 9:15 or later.

    Why not!

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    "If UPS is successful, it could be in a strong position to compete for some or all of the postal business now handled by FedEx Corp. (NYSE:FDX - news) when that $1.3 billion annual contract comes up for renewal in 2007, the newspaper said."

    This is a great opportunity for us to gain additional profits, and it is even better if we take it from FEDEX.
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    This is not new. We've been flying mail for the post office for well over a year. The company is attempting to take a much bigger slice out of the Fed-Ex mail service. The contract is big bucks. It basically gets processed as air cargo, no sorting and very minimal handeling is done by UPS employees.
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    Best part of this is that Fred no longer has a free ride with USPS. Next contract to haul their little letters will be competitive and even if FredEx wins it, it will be a lot less lucrative because it will be a competitive bid and not just "pick a price."
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    We also sort mail