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    Hi there
    Can someone explain the benefit, financially and logistically, to get a parcel all the way to the local hub, and instead of loading on the vehicle for delivery with other items for the recipient, transferring to the local post office incurring an extra day on a two day delivery (now a two day is a three day)?

    Generally our UPS driver lands between 10:00 and 14:00, but the re-routed package takes another day and arrives between 16:00 and 18:00 - so apart from annoying the recipient how does this benefit UPS? I would have thought it more economic to deliver with other items on that day, but I guess I must be missing something...

    Thank you
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    This is volume that we previously would not have had.

    There is a negotiated revenue split between both companies.
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    Thank you for the reply - guess it makes economic sense in a rural area, or where UPS do not deliver on a daily basis...

    I have noticed occasionally that SurePost is delivered directly by UPS. Is there an algorithm that attempts to check if other items are on the van for the same recipient or is it just a quirk?
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    Supposedly, the amount of money we pay the PO, would be less than if we delivered it ourselves.

    The money the shipper saves comes from the residential surcharge that is not charged, since it is going to a business.
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    You'll get your weed. Be patient
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    I wish! Whoever wrote that software was smoking the good stuff methinks :-)

    UPS just delivered, but of course 'the important one' is now sitting at the local post office instead - sigh
  9. UpstateNYUPSer

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    If it were "so important" why did you choose "free" shipping?
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    Hey, nothing is free - cost built in the price maybe - but in any event I chose two day shipping. Guess I could shout at the supplier, but in the scheme of things the five year law would suggest it's not worth getting one's knickers in a knot :-)
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    Yes. Best not draw attention to your shipment of weed. Now hopefully the X-ray machine is down and there will be no dogs at the post office tomorrow morning.
  12. upschuck

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    If you had other UPS deliveries, then we should have delivered that "important" one.

    Why is it that every package that doesn't get delivered, is the "important" one?
  13. gchq

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    Talk about a weed track mind :-)
  14. gchq

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    That was a question I answered further up the thread - is there an algorithm to determine if other items are out for delivery to that recipient and if so is it delivered with those other items? Seems to be hit and miss as sometimes that happens, sometimes not - this item arrived at the local hub 00:21, earlier than the others.

    Why does a jam butty always land jam side down?
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  16. barnyard

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    Most resellers will allow you to opt out of sure post. There is always an extra cost, so there is that. When you get 'free shipping' you get what you pay for.
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  17. Poop Head

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  18. gchq

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    We'll try that and see if it gets here any faster!

  19. TearsInRain

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    there is a super secret algorithm that determines whether a package stays for a day or goes out for delivery

    this algorithm is the only reason we make any money on surepost
  20. upschuck

    upschuck Well-Known Member

    Could be your other package(s) weren't known, therefore, system only thought you were getting the one package.

    Jam is heavier than bread.