We bought a house

Discussion in 'Life After Brown' started by Sleeve_meet_Heart, Nov 26, 2009.

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    My fiance and I bought a house this week. It's a nice little ranch home in Bedford, NH.

    This is my first time buying a home. For many years in my 20s I set a goal to purchase a home by the time I was 30. I am now 31 last month so came pretty close!

    Looks like no more voluntary layoff days in 2010 :peaceful:
  2. over9five

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    Excellent, congratulations!
  3. What's the next goal??
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    Thanks ovah and 89

    Well my other goal for 30, had two at 25, was to enter and win a guitar cente drum-off final at the regional level. Still working on a good solo ...

    AND still have to close (closing date Dec 22nd). We will be jumping through all of the hoops in the next weeks so until the inks dry you never know!
  6. Congrats as well.

    Any YouTube vids??
  7. UnsurePost

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    I try to remain anonymous...maybe I'll put something up for show faceless for BC! :p
  8. May I recommend an "Unknown Drummer" bag???
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    Great news Sleeve,if I may offer some advice:proud:when you're dealing with a big amount of money,it seems like a great time to replace that old lawn mower,garden equipment,or whatever,be frugal for the first few months,and don't do it,because things always crop up with a new home.

    As far as a drum solo goes,I'm not sure if you've seen this,and I doubt if you have all the toys Neil Peart has,but this has all kinds of ideas all wrapped up in one solo. Maybe you could rent the cool xylaphone he plays. Congrats on the house .

  10. UnsurePost

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    thanks for the advice and it is very good advice. My father told me a few years ago to always have a fair amount of cash saved. We are only putting down 10% with a FHA loan to keep the other 10% , half in CDs half as cash on-hand.

    That is a pretty good video. I am not really a Neil Peart fan, though obviously he has influenced a lot of drummers!
  11. Sleeve:
    Who are your influences??
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    Are you a musician? :wink2: Too many to list fully. Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich, Jojo Mayer, Tony Williams, Steve Smith, Alan Dawson, Billy Ward, Gary Chaffee, Joe Morello, Art Blakey for starters!

    now that's a baaaad drum solo ^^ :)
  13. No, I'm a wanna'be.
    I had some drums and somehow my job (guess where) and after hours responsibilities got in the way of my inspirations (wow--talk about blame and justify:happy-very:).

    Good luck with your aspirations:happy-very:

    BTW. Elvin is also awesome!!
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    It's too bad your drums got lost in the mix. Life can get in the way eh?

    I try to play around 2-4pm every day after I wake up some before going to work. And also on lunches in the parking lot! :laughing: It is not easy but whatever it takes!
  15. Seriously think about the YouTube thing.
    I'll bet you'll draw alot of UPSers. Hopefully women!!!:happy-very:

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    Oh yeah, the fiance will appreciate that I'm sure......!!!
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    Sleeve, congrats on the house. Don't forget the $8K first time home buyer's credit and your closings costs when it comes time to file your taxes.
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    Congrats on the house, Sleeve, I hope the closing goes smoothly for you guys. That's great advice from DS, BTW, and you sound like you are making wise choices financially. You should do well. Good luck with trying to be the "unknown drummer".

    Ha Ha Ha.
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    Congratulations on taking the 1st step in real estate. It sounds like you have a good plan in place. Without being too nosey why did you wait till being in your 30's to buy?