Western Pennsylvania Pension Cuts

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Brown287, May 11, 2019.

  1. Bubblehead

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    I believe it, in light of recent votes, or at least the perception of recent votes.

    Many people I talk to no longer believe that their vote counts after watching numerous rejected offers ratified anyway.

    Then there is the 65% of the UPS work force that are disposable, part time, indigent workers who go largely uneducated and unrepresented in these negotiations.

    It is very easy for me to believe, if I step down from my soap box and take a step back into someone else's shoes.
    What's the old adage?....doing the same thing over and over again, while expecting different results, is the definition of insanity.
  2. It's a sad day. I feel sorry for all the newbies working here.
  3. BigUnionGuy

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    Their pension fund.... their rules ?
  4. bowhnterdon

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    Voting probably seems pointless to most.If you vote not to approve cuts,the fund will surely collapse.If you take the cuts,you have lost faith in the Pension being part of your Retirement planning
  5. 1989

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    if your pension is selling $8 million in assets a month to pay obligations, a no vote is a vote to close the doors.
  6. Bubblehead

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    Who are they???
  7. BigUnionGuy

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    The Trustee's.

    And for clarification purposes.... that fund is a multi-employer fund.

    Not just UPS.
  8. Staydryitsraining

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    Soooooooo transfer out of Wpa asap
  9. BigUnionGuy

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    How would that happen ?
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  10. bowhnterdon

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    It won’t. I think I read UPS is 58% of the membership,and the only reason it has lasted this long..
  11. retired2000

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    We lost 29% of our pension
  12. PT Car Washer

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    Sounds like a win. Your other option was 50% or more. It was not a secret that your pension plan was not sustainable.
  13. 35yrwstpadriver

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    I started at UPS in 1984 as a reloader. I went full time in 1988. We were told we had a 25 and 30 and out pension at ANY age. Then we were told that the minimum age was established to be 55. Meanwhile our health benefits were reduced even though UPS was posting record profits. Hello Teamcare. I applied for retirement when I was supposed to get $3800 a month and was told that if I didnt wait until 55, I would receive $1900. Then they moved the goal posts again and made the minimum age 60! 60! After that, they told us that our pension was being cut by 30 percent. Now I have to work until Im 60 as a UPS driver to get $2900 a month, and we has absoulutley NO say in the matter.
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  14. rod

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    Those of us who retired before 2008 had a vote in Central States on if we wanted a cut in pension to make it last longer or take the full amount until it ran out and folded. We chose to take the full pension because the writing was on the wall-- if its going to fold anyway may as well take them for every penny while you can. .
  15. Bubblehead

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    When did this "vote" you speak of take place?
  16. BigUnionGuy

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    I don't remember that....
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  17. BigUnionGuy

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    With all due respect @rod....

    Are you confusing the Central States Pension Fund meeting in Chicago

    to reduce the accrual rate.... from 2% to 1% ??

    That was in 2002-03.

    I was there.
  18. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    3 or 4 years ago--maybe 5
  19. rod

    rod #1 on Upstates "list"

    I know I'm getting older and more forgetful but I distinctly remember being given two options. Do nothing or reduce. Maybe it was just something our Local did as a survey. Local 638 out of Minneapolis
  20. Bubblehead

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    There were cuts proposed for Central States after MPRA was attached to the Omnibus spending bill in the 11th hour in 2014.

    The Multiemployer Pension Reform Act of 2014

    Those proposed cuts were denied by the Treasury Department, not a "membership vote".
    Perhaps that is what you are trying to recall?