What is it you like about your job?


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I'm sitting in my recliner, enjoying the fireplace and the Christmas Tree, and I am reflecting on this Peak Season that just ended for me. This is a hectic time for the people that work in our business, and I was wondering what the rest of you reading these words are thinking.

What is it that you like about your job?

I'm not going to gripe and complain about the minor stuff we get bent out of place at with work. We vent and talk it out in the workplace.

What I am interested in in, what is it that you enjoy about your work?

I actually enjoy being the "UPS Man". I get to work on my own all day, I don't have the boss looking over my shoulder. I enjoy meeting all kinds of people all day, I know my customers by name, I know what they do for a living and their hobbies, their dog's name, I watch their kids grow up, and I share funny stories with them. I'm an "outdoors type", I'm not sitting in a cubicle all day answering the phone. The Spring is beautiful in my native South, I love watching everything come alive. The Fall is special too, watching the leaves change and nature do its thing. The Winter is mild here in the Atlanta area, I'm glad I don't have to deal with the snow and ice like you guys up North. My least favorite season is Summer, it can get pretty miserable sometimes. One Summer I hung a cheap thermometer in back of my package car. One hundred Thirty Degrees. You have to guzzle a lot of water to stay alive sometimes.

Yes the money is good, the Direct Deposit in the checking account is nice. I'm in Cental States, so I'm not crazy about my Pension and Health Plan. I started working part-time when I was seventeen, eight years later went full-time into Package, twenty-two years driving, just made it through my thirty-first Peak Season. Its all one day at a time.

I like the people I work with. Most of them are the greatest, hardworking people in the world. I've always thought that if I started a business of my own, I would want to hire UPSER's, I could take over the business world.

I'm still in good shape, I got most of my hair and I'm still under two hundred pounds. I am planning to hang in there as long as I can, I feel pretty good and still out do most of the young guys.

Merry Christmas to everyone, remember the real reason for the season, forget all this commercial stuff and enjoy your families. After all, is'nt that what its all about?

Jeff Tidwell


Good idea for a thread scratch.After all the bitching and complaining we make in here there`s something more than the nice paycheck we get every Friday that motivates us to carry on doing it even though its possibly one of the hardest jobs around.We`re not stuck doing repetitive tasks over and over,watching the clock all day.We get to decide when and where we want to eat lunch.I was 35 when I started at UPS so I`d had several jobs before,and one of my most hated tasks at each of these was doing inventory.At UPS there is no such thing as inventory.Working for them is unlike working for anyone else in that they have thier own infrastructure and abbreviations and rules that are unique to the industry.I guess what I`m saying is that UPS is a weird company.But all in all being a driver is a pretty good job if you derive pleasure from accomplishing next to impossible tasks (only to be told the next morning you ran a buck ten over) and take it with a grin in the knowledge that nobody could possibly do it faster than you.
I love interacting with people,it makes every day interesting , my day is over before I know it, even though I`m dead tired.


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I've always stood by the motto, if I don't like it, I'll quit. (or something like that)

I really enjoy the challenges that UPS present
-perhaps not the challenge of dealing with a bad load.

I enjoy the task of delivering every package
I enjoy meeting customers(and trying to remember all those names)
I enjoy trying to planning the next bunch of stops in my head,
determining which way to drive to be most efficient, trying to
remember the specific house/building and what I'll do when I get there.

Most of all I love the activity, with a desk job I'd probably be close to death.

Many people cite the Paycheck, I'm at the bottom of the pay scale, and feel it fits the "fair days work for a fair days wage" statement.


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Not being tied down to a desk somewhere, being with customers, getting plenty of exercise, and every once in a while being greeted at the door by a towel clad female.
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My son loves his job at UPS and he is very proud of the company he works for.

Scratch says it all.

One year after starting with the company he is a DRIVER. His dream.

He always tells someone that it is hard work but a great job for someone who struggled with high school.


its a tough demanding job and if he likes it he`s off to a good start,it seems that he has a mother that cares,and thats a bonus for him


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What I like about my job:
The view from "my office" changes every 5 seconds of 5 feet.
My co-workers, who are some of the kindest people I know.
My customers, getting to know them 30 seconds at a time.
The challenge faced every day to outperform the previous day.


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If you love your son, and it's obvious you do, you might want to encourage him to sign every feeder bid sheet that gets posted.
Not qualified? doesn't matter...the company will train him and help him get the permit required for that training.
Not enough seniority? doesn't matter...sign any way as there sometimes is a "back-up" list that is good for 6-12 months.
The objective here is to increase his chances that he will be able to walk when he retires by getting him out of that package car as soon as possible.
Good luck.


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I like a lot of things about my job and the positions I've held. In the hub, I liked not having customers bitching at you and the excitement, intensity adrenaline rush. In the office it was travelling that I liked, moving about some, and meeting a ton of new people. Out on the road, I like playing santa claus five days a week, the smiles people get when you bring them stuff, and just in general how easy the job became after you learn how to do it. Overall, as many downsides as the job has, it as a lot of upsides, far more than the downsides I believe.

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So would you work for UPS if you were paid like a Fed-X driver ??? (NO PUNT MONTE) Why do we all really work? For the paycheck and benefits


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As much as we all bitch and complain, we are all still here so the job can't be all that bad. I personally love the job but the management, which seems to change every couple of years, usually leaves much to be desired. I am not saying that all management is bad as I have had managers that I thought were great and I was happy to call my freind.

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xracer said:
As much as we all bitch and complain, we are all still here so the job can't be all that bad. I personally love the job but the management, which seems to change every couple of years, usually leaves much to be desired. I am not saying that all management is bad as I have had managers that I thought were great and I was happy to call my freind.

Xracer.... I have to know, is that one of your so called friends you have in your picture...