What is the procedure for filing a grievance?

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    I am worried that I need to start protecting myself from a supervisor and am wondering how to file/stand up for myself.

    I'm facing a lot of harassment at work from this particular person. I am in the union and have worked here about a year. I'm just wondering what the rules are and how you go about filing as it was never explained to me. I'm not sure who my steward is. I'm not sure that I've ever met him. I know that it's one of the driver's but I never really interact with them.
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    First don't let managment get to you. Stay calm and do your job. Getting upset only helps them.

    Do you know what Local you are?

    Ask around to fellow members who the steward is as how to get a hold of him/her. Don't ask management and don't do it on the clock.
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    Just quit and get out of there while you still can.

    Or find a shop steward
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    I feel like sometimes its the sups asking these questions....

    Plain and simple, the next time they do whatever is making you uncomfortable just say to them
    "you are making me uncomfortable. I feel that you are harrassing me and I would like for you to stop."
    Just say that once or twice if it continues, take note of everything youve endoured and at the end of ur work day after clocking out
    1. Make a corporate complaint and tell them what happened, everything, at the end of tbe conversation tell them you dont think local management can handle the situation
    2. Hookup with ur local shop steward or call the local hall to file the grievance for harrassmemt a d micromanagement if that is in fact whats going on
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    What kind of herass ment are we
    talking about
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    ARTICLE 37.
    Section 1.
    (a) The parties agree that the principle of a fair day’s work for
    a fair day’s pay shall be observed at all times and employees
    shall perform their duties in a manner that best represents
    the Employer’s interest. The Employer shall not in any way
    intimidate, harass, coerce or overly supervise any employee in the
    performance of his or her duties. The Employer shall not retaliate
    against employees for exercising rights under this Agreement.
    In considering any grievance alleging retaliation for exercising
    his rights under the Agreement, the severity and timing of the
    Employer’s actions that modify an employee’s work assignment or
    reprimand employees shall be relevant factors to a determination
    of motivation. The Employer will treat employees with dignity
    and respect at all times, which shall include, but not be limited
    to, giving due consideration to the age and physical condition of
    the employee. Employees will also treat each other as well as the
    Employer with dignity and respect..
    File on article 37 of the master and write "and any and all that apply"
    This a copy of what ours look like.

    Ask the drivers who the steward is , or call out to your union hall to inquire
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    I gotta get me some of these
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    They're free
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    Call the UPS hotline
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    How do you make a corporate complaint? Is that the 1 800 number?
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