What is up with the dirt trucks??

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by loserupser, May 19, 2007.

  1. loserupser

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    I don't know if this just my pet peeve, but i hate driving around in the filthy dirty trucks the inside is just as bad if not worse!!
    The washing is almost non existence, they're slowly phasing out the car washing!!! I'm sure this is story around the country!!:sad::sad::sad:
  2. MissedBusiness

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    Cutbacks, dude, cutbacks!
  3. krash

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    I know when I was in Forest Park they had carwashers. P'Dale they have to wash there own if it's gonna get clean. I believe ATL still has people(the spotters) who run "dirty" one's trough a car wash.
  4. govols019

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    We have a car wash. If we are lucky they wash about 1/3 of the package cars a night.
  5. scratch

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    I hate driving them too. I just posted on another thread that mine hasn't been washed since Febuary, maybe longer that that. My Hub has eight people on the Car Wash, although I don't know what they wash. The Feeder equipment and spare Package Cars get washed often, but the Car Wash doesn't make it over to my side of the building. My Center Manager says they are "empowered" to wash only what they think is dirty enough. My idea of what is dirty and what is not is evidently different than theirs. Some of the drivers will get some window cleaner and paper towels to wash their windshields so they can see. My Hub is about ten years old, it doesn't have a drive through carwash like we did back in the Atlanta Hub. The county didn't want them to build one because of water restrictions. They will hook up water hoses or wipe them off using "dry wash" methods. Its embarassing to drive filthy Package Cars, I have thought about washing it myself at an on area carwash, but why should I have to pay money out of my pocket to do somebody else's job that isn't doing it?:mad:
  6. Ms Spoken

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    Just take the time every AM before you leave and your point will be made by the third day. Other drivers need to be able to see your lights so make it a safety issue.
  7. Pip

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    Carwashers in our center usually do a decent job. Generally
    3/4ths of the 81 car fleet get washed every night. The 26 tractors usually get washed when they get to a center that has a truchwash.

    There are times when some of the carwashers might be asked to help out on local sort, but the cars still usually get done.

    The inside of some of the cars is another story. There are a couple drivers that could care less, but others do seem to take care of them. When I get one in for a PMI or a writeup, I usually give them an attaboy and pass along to a supervisor
    for taking care of the inside. Granted it isn't much of a reward, but at least somebody acknowledges there taking care of them.
  8. steeltoe

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    For you guys in the Forest Park hub. I have figured out your problem. I believe your package car is probably parked toward the end of the night, due to size of the vehicle. They have the lineup so messed up, that the parkers have to park the big stuff first and then park the smaller stuff all the way down to the 500's. By the time your car is getting parked, the guy washing the vehicles is at his 3.5 hour min and they send him home. Some of the vehicles get washed every night and others onec every 2 months due to the parking arrangement and the hours on the washers. It mak4es no sense to me.

    I used to be proud to say that we had a moto of "Every truck, every day". Now, it is every truck that we get too. Believe me, the problem is not the number of people on staff in our carwash. It is the fact that they do not want any washers to go over 3.5 hours.
  9. EAM_Master

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    We have a wash tunnel at our center. The washers do wash just about everything every night. The problem is the brushes in the wash tunnel beat the crap out of the paint. As a result our "clean" trucks often look worse than the neighboring centers trucks because the paint is no longer glossy.
  10. Fullhouse

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    I drive a P700 with a lot of dirt roads! After several grievances last year (with pictures) it receives attention everyday. The pkg compartment was the worst. The seals and hinges were worn out, (10yr pkg car+ 450,000 miles).I complained about the seals and they put new doors on the rear of the car. That fixed the pkg car. It only needs attention once a week now.
    The cab is, well there is nothing that can be done there unless I keep the doors shut. No chance! gettin' to hot for that. I gave them a choice clean it every night or install some a/c. Guess what? yea, it's wiped down every night.
    File grievances and take pictures!:thumbup1:
  11. scratch

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    Thanks for your explanation, Steeltoe. Mine is at Dock 24 at the Forest Park Hub. We do have a problem getting out in the morning with the way the Preload has the lineup. I have a P1000 on one side and one parked directly in front of me. I used to have a Conyers driver that has a lot of NDA spotted next to me with a 8:15 start time. He usually has to wait a half hour till someone else moves before he can get out. You would think that someone would try a better way of doing the lineups, a couple of P1200s facing each other on the inside isn't too smart. And we have ten minutes AM time to get 50-60 Package Cars out one door? They just changed the lineup again, and soon Hampton, (Atlanta Motor Speedway) is moving in. Thats on my EAM Area, it has me concerned.
  12. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Our center washes (by hand) maybe 8 trucks out of 35 each night and that is only the outsides. To get insides done requires complaints from the drivers. I still work on the night shift sometimes and we are only told to wash a couple per person. Management doesn't want us washing too much because we'll end up with, and you all will love this explanation...."Too many carwash hours." LOL!
  13. JonFrum

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  14. wyobill

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    They dont wash them here. The insides are filthy. I have to wash and clean mine myself. If anything they get sprayed down and the windows are left to streak. The company does not mind if you wash them before your start time. Its cheaper that way.
  15. scratch

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    Re: "A Clean Truck Is A Happy Truck"

    Thanks for the post' "JohnFrum", I think I might file a grievance, My windshield and mirrors haven't been washed in months. I wish you would become a Registered User, you post a lot of good stuff that shouldn't have to wait to be moderated. And thank you to Steeltoe, now I know I drive a filthy Package Car in an upscale residential area of the people who pay our salaries because the company doesn't want our Carwash to work more than 3.5 hours.
  16. Overpaid Union Thug

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    Re: "A Clean Truck Is A Happy Truck"

    Yet another article that is neglected, or even ignored by management and apparently the union as well. The one that really ticks me off is the article that was supposed to create more full-time jobs. I mean it only makes since. If they can ignore the article above then why not others? As long as these things continue to go unchecked the longer management will ignore them.
  17. faded jeans

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    Over 200 miles each day with much of that over dirt roads. Hasn't rained since Feb. Car with the elavator doors in back; seals great between the doors but all the dust sucks around the outside edges of the doors in the wells on either side. Toward the end of the day the barcodes on any pkgs. loaded on floor will not scan until you tip the pkg. and let the dirt slide off.
  18. steeltoe

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    Re: "A Clean Truck Is A Happy Truck"

    Yes Scratch, it sucks and I am embarresed as well. We actually have clerks who work over 5 hours everyday and nothing is said. Have a carwasher go over 3.5 and you have committted a cardinal sin. With our staff, we could wash every vehicle in the building in about 4.5 hours if we had a proper carwash outside the building. The biggest problem that we have is that all package cars are to be washed inside the building. To Jockey every outside car and wash and then bring in the inside stuff to be washed is impossible with the room and time we are aloted to do it.

    The company should get with the local gov't and get an outside carwash. We are big brown. I am sure we should have pull with the Forest Park local gov't.
  19. JonFrum

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    "A Clean Truck Is A Happy Truck"

    Section 17. Vehicle Integrity:

    "The Employer agrees to maintain all door and engine compartment seals in order to eliminate, as much as possible, fumes, dust and moisture in the package car."

    "A Clean Truck Is A Happy Truck"
    (from the Tomb of the Unknown Carwasher)
  20. BCFan

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    Scratch, Here in Atlanta hub we get an allowance for washing our cars... I had heard it was a 10 minute allocation not really sure if that is true or not. In your DIAD on your return to building time line is a area that asks you if you washed your car it defaults to the No position , so....... make sure you change it everyday to benefit your already depleted time allowances:thumbup1: BC