What you think about these firings


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Don't need them. We have an army of PVDs.

I will say that I have had to take 2 diad trainings on not signing for packages anymore. Sounds like 5 runners are learning a lesson. They'll be back but probably with no backpay
I bet that's a real morale booster for those who haven't got fired (sarcasm).
In the old days you did what it took to deliver the pkg.

Everyone needs to slow their happy _____ down and see how management likes "send agains".


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That has to be hard to get used to after a couple of years of hit and run tactics. I'm sure they will readjust your time standards because of it. :rofl:

Michael Scott

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Ive been instructed to just pick whatever random name is in CIR. No matter who accepts the package or if its a delivery point where you dont make contact. Just select a name


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I never forged a signature I didn’t make customer contact with outside of covid. Don’t know why people think it’s still ok to do it. Been getting signatures for over a year now.