Whats more important to UPS: SPORH or UNDER/OVER

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    It would be great to hear both hourly and management views on this issue. In a bonus center are Stops Per Hour or Under/Over more important to UPS's management on how to gage a drivers performance. In my opinion the stops per hour are more factional versus over/under which are more fictional. Which one truthfully gages the profitability of the driver?
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    A fair days work for a fair days pay.
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    I agree spohr is a more realistic,although it can fluctuate quite a bit, overallowed is a questionable way of deciding who's least best.
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    for arguments sakes please base opinions on that both SPORH and over/under have taken into account the usual numbers like miles, packages, etc.. That way, everyone is on the same page.
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    I am in management and was an IE Bonus Coordinator in the District and Region back in the 90's. I'm not sure there is any difference in expectations in a Bonus center than in a Non-Bonus center.
    Generally speaking, the over/under allowed is a better measure.
    Not whether the driver is over or under allowed but rather what is the established over/under value that a route should be expected to run.
    A route by a given driver may be expected to .25 hours under allowed within the range of Scratch to .50 hours under.
    Another route may be expected to .15 hours over allowed within the range of .35 hours over to .10 hours under.

    [-]SPC is a generalized planning tool at the center level and for each route there is a +/- stops about a car that is a dispatch tool which is based on running the route at scratch (but can be biased to allow for driver/route performance).[/-]
    If you can get The Pretz to reply, i will defer to his answer if it is different.
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    Sporh is a better analysis tool for the bottom line given a common base that you are working from....In theory I could have 2 identical dispatch days in my center...Lets say the exact same stops and packages, addresses traffice patterns (groundhog day) --- One day I run better over under - the next day better sporh - each at the expense of the other. THe sporh day (assuming all the same stop/package work calcultes the same plan) as it should) is a more efficient day based on the same work being done in less hours. There are lots of ways to boost plan for over/under.....at the end of the day how many stops were delivered in how much time is superior..... FOR ACTUAL PROFITABLILTY the best tool is pieces delivered and picked up per hour.... Each one of those pieces are revenue streams...How much does the driver cost in handling the pieces is far superior to SPORH or planned day...
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    Sorry, the small font you used was not good enough for my eyes. I read the stops per hour as Stops per Car so please ignore that part of my post.

    SOSOCAL does a good job explaining SPORH which is what you were referring to (I believe).

    He/she does a good job presenting that so you can read both and compare for yourself
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    As a driver, I like SPORH. It is a real number that you can easily figure out at the end of the day.

    Over/under is voodoo that no-one can figure out (just the computer).
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    I get too many different splits to worry about either one. I focus on my paid day.
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    I remember one time as a cover driver I ran paid under yep paid under great day right?

    Nope the next day I was told how bad my SORPH was, yep that is right I beat the plan and I still sucked, amazing. I was about 18 months in then, it was about that point I really began to understand UPS didnt really know what it was doing and I gave up on numbers.
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    You really should continue to try and understand.
  12. This is incorrect according to our building manager. BM claims that SPORH is a fluxuating metric and it is NOT just a simple equation of how many stops you did between your gate to gate punch. However, there are rumors circulating as of late that the company has begun terminating drivers for failure to maintain best demonstrated SPORH. The rumors that have been circulating here for about 2 months are that UPS has won several termination arbitrations for SPORH related terminations. Of course I can't believe it since the art of half-truth and deception is a prerequisite for management. Anyone witness these terminations in their local???
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    What's really a money maker is NDPPH.
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    One computer has me red, the only one in the cnter, but my day will show close to 8 hrs, maybe a little over. but It took me ten. So when I get my talking to, I guess they need to sync their pcs, one is wrong, which one, Oh we dont know, but Im always bad, right? The pcs or the numbers could never be whacked. The only way I could shave that off is skip all breaks, lunch, pee in a dr bag, and punch out on area. Lunacy I say.
    I beat my best demonstrated daily, but my 3 day ride turns into one? Why no lunch when you want it? OOPS, wrong truck, fix it lets see the new time study, til then, sucks to be them. SPORH, over under, its all a joke til they do their part, and they wont do it.
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    Believe it.... It's a fact.......
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    Your BM is stupid. Add your delivery stops plus your p/u stops. Divide it by your on-road time (Don't forget to take out lunch!). It's that simple.

    No-one here has been fired for failure to meet SPORH.

    Also, I disagree with the interpretation that you must always meet your best demonstrated SPORH. I interpret it as having to average your 3 day average SPORH. That is reasonable and will prevail at panel if your BM is foolish enough to take it there.
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    I have to believe that you are interpreting what your BM said incorrectly.
    Your expected SPORH may vary daily based upon the mix of stops in each unit area and will definitely vary if a split is added.
    If a route is very similar with the same on-area miles, then the expected SPORH will be very consistent ... otherwise, it will vary.
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    SPORH will vary. There is no better argument against using "failure to maintain" as a basis for production discipline.
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    Ok check this out.....the ONLY way to accurately determine SPORH and allowances would be to physically measure EACH AND EVERY STOP and each route would have to go out with the same exact stops EVERY day. Without doing that its all meaningless. We get paid by the hour. Not by the stops per hour, over/under, or any other BS metric they can come up with. Clocking in and working safe and by the methods then clocking out is the only sure thing.
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    Chaos theory should come to mind when concerning the numerical deviations present in a time study.

    It's all BS, period. There may be math and science involved that is usable, however the final numbers will not be representative without a fair numerical range; and a "fair" numerical range screws the company and the entire principle of a time study (which is to get blood from a stone)!! . Can't say this enough!