Whats the best job for me?

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    For the past 2 years or so I have been working as a Specialist in the Corporate Office and I just don't think it’s for me. I hate sitting in a cube for 8 hours a day with no windows and having to deal with the Corporate - sucking up BS.

    Ideally I would like a job where I am on the road (locally around town) for 4-5 hours a day and then have desk work the other 3 hours a day. Does anyone know any jobs like this at UPS. Overall I beleive UPS is a pretty good company to work for and offers decent benefits but I just don't beleive am the person that can sit at a desk all day. Also, even though the above description might fit, I am not looking to go into Sales.

    I have heard from a couple buddies that there are jobs in occupational and health (I think thats what its called) department that just go to center to center and do inspections. I believe something like that would be perfect for me.

    I know I am rambling but I guess my main question is, why are there no district jobs posted on the internal job board at upsers.com. I know they have had a freeze on hiring the past few weeks but I have been looking for the past 9 months or so and the amount of district jobs were always limited. Is there kind of some intra-district place where jobs are offered before it hits the internal job board at upsers.com?
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    You will probably get nothing but a bunch of lame high-schoolish answers in this forum (UPS Discussions).

    I will copy to UPS Partners forum to see if you get a few more legit replies.
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    You seem pretty desperate to get out of there.Why not be a driver?
    I'm not sure how that works because it works different everywhere.
    How about an on car sup? You could be on road that way training.
    You gotta get out of there somehow,so make a move soon.
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    Thanks for copying over the post.

    Thanks for the suggestion. Never thought about being a driver but it could be interesting. But then again out of looking at the upsers.com internal job board for 9+ months I have never once remember seeing a job posting for a driver. Not sure how it works but I think they are somehow filtering the job postings on the internal job board.

    I have seen a few on-road sup postings but never in my district (South Atlantic). Also chances are wouldn't I have to be a driver for a number of years before becoming an on-road sup?
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    Lame high-schoolish answers?

    Is that soup on your tie?
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    If you are already non union mngmt,they can put you wherever they want.
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    Time will tell.

    I was pleasantly surprised at your response and consequently "liked" it.

    PS-Sups have not worn ties in over ten years. I have one suit and have only wore it to funerals and weddings - if there is a difference.