Who put their UPS stub online? C’mon bro 🤦‍♀️…….


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Why bro? Looking for haterade..
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It never ceases to amaze me why people need to do a "mine is bigger than yours" contest. If someone was coming after this person because of what they make they would be claiming it's none of their business. But, when you want to brag about it all of a sudden it's okay to put your business out there? When will people learn. Do your work, earn your money and shut the **** up.


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That whole paystub is weird to me. My net pay was the same but I grossed over $3K this week. I have 401K being taken out and for some crazy reason he doesn't, but that's not the story. His taxes are way lower than mine. I gotta move where ever he lives. His rate is also 74¢ more an hour.
Low state income tax

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Low state income tax
Yes, I'm in MA and state tax is 10X what he's paying, but the biggest difference is actually Federal. Mine is more than double his and I get no refund. He's gotta have it set up to owe a bunch but I don't know how he could have that little deducted.


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I did a little digging on this, it came from a post on Reddit.

This guy posted his paystub on an antiwork subreddit. What the..? Anyway, take a look through the comments. Now I see why both Business Insider and the NY Post have covered it. We are making more money with better benefits than more people than I even imagined. Seriously I assumed an aerospace engineer would be a lot better off than me.


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Yup that explains it



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Hmm. It also looks like he may not withholding enough federal (unless he has a kid or other credits coming).

And no stock purchases?

A driver could easily earn a share a week and retire with 1,300 shares. Dividends alone would be $8,400 annually.