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    I woke up this morning, turned on the TV, and watched an HBO show about a guy named Gordon Parks. I watched the whole movie and was amazed at this mans life, as told in this movie, which was autobiographical. It started me thinking about my life and my accomplishments. This then started me thinking about our lives and accomplishments.

    I've noticed, over these years of lurking here at the Cafe, that there are so many varieties of people here. We, as a community have a wealth of knowledge, that not only applies to UPS, but to the world at large. That being said, I wanted to start a thread where we could all share things from our minds.

    Where are we from, what have we read and what impression did it make on us? All of our experience is being wasted, unless we share what we know, good, bad, and ugly, with others that are on their own journey's. The pictures we paint should contain warts and all, so that young and old will grow from what is read.

    I know, it's a little bit hard to reveal things about ourselves, especially thing that we have locked up in vaults, that will probably not be revealed, even after we pass on. These are the very things that make us who we are, and respond the way we do. This thread isn't so much as knowing about so and so and saying, oh my gosh; As it is about adding the knowledge from those experiences to our own, so that our minds can be further enlightened to people and and the vast differences in our community here, and where we actually live, work and play.

    This is so much more than "getting to know you". It's learning more about what makes you, you, and me, me. It's experiencing history, attitudes and life, without stepping out of the door. Maybe from the information we see and read, we'll find a deeper understanding of people and ourselves. I know that just from reading posts here at the Brown Cafe, I've grown a greater understanding of my fellow man.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    You just gave UK guy a platform to list more of his accomplishments. Just don't know if there is enough bandwidth space to contain him.
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    A chat thread is a great idea.
  4. Kraetos

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    I like pizza.
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    I had steamed clams last night.

    The key is to throw some beer in the water you cook them in.

    There. I have passed on valuable knowledge. Use this knowledge wisely. Use it for good, never evil, young padiwan.
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    What do you have that goes with them? Linguine? Or what?
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    Steve, I sat with a blank tablet and thought what would I write as my obituary.? I had just finished reading the obit. column. Some of them were really long with tons of accomplishments.

    It's mind blowing, because the paper is still blank. I don't want my husband to write it....hell, he doesn't even use a spell check of any kind (and he needs to). Yeah, that would make lots of folks happy to find mis-spelled words in my obit.

    I'm definitely going to write that thing and do it right!!......just as soon as I remember what it is I've been doing for the past 61 1/2 years.
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    I love being a good dad and a great husband.
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    Kraetos, steamed clams with linguine and white wine cream sauce. Top this off with a great red wine or Americas favorite BUDWEISER
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    Yup, that sounds really good!

    ......but I had Cheez-Its with my steamers.
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    I'd like Mother on my headstone. Seems old fashioned but it is the one thing that I have loved every minute of in my life.
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    I would post something, but for some reason, I'm suddenly hungry!!!

  13. MechanicForBrown

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    Cheez-its are great, I forgot about that, usually have them with baked Haddock, makes a delicious crust
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    Lack of real deep responses indicates a wealth of wisdom already amongst our members. "Better to be silent and to be thought of as a fool than to open one's mouth and remove all doubt" - I think that I got that one (amongst many) out of the New York Daily News one panel cartoon "Meet Mr. Lucky". which used to be called "Ching Chow" many years ago before the Asian community put pressure on the daily news to change the title. Maybe you remember that when you lived in new york, steve, it was usually found in the horse racing pages in the back of the daily news. After you read "dondi", blondie and little orphan annie as a kid , you might have dug hard for the remaining cartoons in the paper. Meet Mr. Lucky is the visual equivalent of a fortune cookie and sometimes there is meaty one to ponder upon.
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    If we are dropping food knowledge here-

    try mixing in broken Ritz crackers with your mashed potatoes. Don't add salt or butter or anything, the ritz crackers add all the flavor. It's the best combination ever. Old ameri- Scott recipe from my grand mother , God bless her soul!
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    When eating, and in general, it is better to get a lot out of a little, than a little out of a lot. (I gonna dig into my magic box of truisms and cliches on this thread)
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    i was thinking hard on this thread by stug then found myself on food network sorry steve, after i eat everything i heard here today in one sitting i will post my thoughts on your thread
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    The Wisdom of Batman!!! ( just wait until you get at 2:00 approximately) and then tell me you haven't felt like this at times.

    Another lesson: Necessity is the mother of invention. I knew I wanted to get this video on here and I once asked Steven how to do it and he said copy the embed code and I didn't know what he meant and half heartedly pursued it. This time I figured it out .
  19. pickup

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    Apparently , I didn't figure it out!
  20. pickup

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    1960s Batman - The Bomb

    I hope this turns out okay, if not hit the link. Oh and those ladies are not feeder drivers on a break ( I know that some wise- acre will say it sooner or later)

    To repeat, the wise statement is spoken at around 2:00 .
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