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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by thelus, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. thelus

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    I'm thinking who here(who is union) would want to go on strike. With the way things are with the economy, UPS cutting jobs, pushing production more than before, and finally this brass balls campaign I've been seeing around the building with posters saying"no one can stop us" ,would you want to go on strike againt ups? and why or why not so. I'll start off by saying yes I would love to go on strike. Reasons are 1 UPS has to know there is a limit in which they can push their employiees before there are consequences. 2 UPS has deliberately ignored honoring the contract. 3 To solve the deadlocking of important greavances 4 To show the union is not some thing you just pay dues too.
  2. Jones

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    You oughta just show up with your picket sign tomorrow. Start marching up and down outside the guard shack yelling about all the injustice you've suffered and I'm sure everyone will join right in.
  3. storm4

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    Picketing now would not be wise. If you have a specific grievance you can voice it with the suggestions for how to improve things and how these improvements would benefit the business. Another option is the hotline...
  4. bubsdad

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    A strike at this time would be very self destructive. Alot of other unions are making concessions and giving up things that were guaranteed in contracts. There would be no support on any level for a strike based on the problems you listed.
  5. cachsux

    cachsux Wah

    Ask the UAW how much they want to strike.
  6. dannyboy

    dannyboy From the promised LAND

    Ill supply the signs for you.

    Just make sure you have all the answers you think you do.

  7. Dragon

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    Another employee being wronged......but still shows up everday to get more of the same....makes no sense.
  8. Mike23

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    Hell, yes strike! I read in another post our lovely company president is earning over 4 million a year while we let drivers go?!

    Start trimming the fat upstairs, that's where it has to start, not the ones actually doing their job.

    The problem being with a strike right now is not everyone would join in and would sissy foot around it. If ALL teamsters did it instead of thinking about only themselves it would work perfectly fine and UPS would have to cave to the demands. They can only throw so many scabs on a car before the company collapses on itself and I doubt Mr. 4 million a year would want that.
  9. fethrs

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    Mike have you ever been on strike? It sucks, no work no pay, the union doesn't help much and since the economy has tanked it's even harder to find another job espcecially one that pays as well.
    I'm not just spouting off, I came to work in 97 only to find a picket line. No work, no paycheck. I was lucky enough to be offered work by the Longshoreman's Union and I made it through the strike.
    If you have been on strike and you still want to, have fun, because it wasn't a holiday for me.
    I am not sorry we did it, I'm just saying it's not something to do because other "guys" are making more money, that's the wrong reason.
  10. Mike23

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    Sorry, fethrs, I'm a money whore :( My HR guy tells me all the time (not in that way to do with that thing!).

    However, and I know this is 'beneath' most UPS people and would be a pay cut, but delivering pizza pays only around $10 less then what we make. Most pizza places are DESPERATE for delivery people. Fri night, 3 hours = $60 tax free. Until closing is around $130 tax free (for 8-10 hours work). I know most UPS drivers wouldn't 'stupe' to this level but if it helps us survive with a better work environment I'd do it in a heartbeat.

    Wouldn't you rather work in a less stressful environment wondering if you're going to be the next 'example' made out of?
  11. fethrs

    fethrs Well-Known Member

    No biggie Mike, I know we all have different situations. If we had to strike I wouldn't cross the line but it's just the hard way to go.:peaceful:
  12. LED

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    I have been through one strike - '97, and do not want to go through another one. Fedex is in a beter position now than they were back then, and could step in and win business that would never come back to us. A lot of UPS jobs would disappear forever.

    UPS is a tough place to work. We are always overloaded, and then we have to deal with unreasonable demands from management and the "flavor of the week".

    Even with the obstacles we face everyday, we have the best deal going (pay and benefits) in the package delivery business.
  13. Monkey Butt

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    My observations:
    The '97 strike changed UPS relationships with it's union employees. UPS management felt that the union employees betrayed the company and I feel many of the things that drivers complain about now (lack of compassion, treating employees as objects, etc) are a direct result of the '97 strike.

    I realize that you are from the Chicago area which seems to have a unique labor society but a post-strike UPS would make current work conditions seem good.
    Again, JMO.
  14. dannyboy

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    Those that dont learn from history are doomed to repeat it.

    I have been through two strikes, the first lasted 3 months, the second a couple of weeks.

    Both had very negative effects that lasted a very long time. None did a dman thing to fix anything at UPS. The same stuff we were dealing with back then, we are still dealing with now.

    So go out on strike. Cut your nose off to spite your face. Im sure the news cameras would love a loudmouthed person to film for the newscast at 6.

    But when the cameras are gone, and the blurbs are forgotten, you are stil left with what we have now. Only less of the pie to share.

  15. bigblu 2 you

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    im not for a strike but i am sure tired of being made to feel my every move is wrong and i am overpayed for the job i perform.the managers{at our hub} have barely got 1 year of combined driving experience between the 4 of them but they can tell the 25-30 year safe drivers just how it should be done and quote the methods like the pledge,while hiding in the shadows waiting to see you miss one method during the 9 hour 100 stop day you have. i know strikes are bad both ways but sometimes you have to step back before you go forward,and right now i would take my chances to get some teeth in the next contract.
  16. Pip

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    Can't imagine why anybody would want to go on strike or even think about it. At the end of the day, the only people that benefit from it is your competitors.
  17. Braveheart

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    Bad time to strike due to economy.


    They would freak as Fed Ex needs our business so bad they would get it all and could handle it as their volume is so low. Last time they could not handle it so people came rushing back.

    I think it will not happen and if we were for real UPS would settle the day before.

    We better get better contract protections and better work environment or UPS will ask for and get everything they want from here on out under Jimmy "giveback" Hoffa.

    We need to stop asking for so much $ and get better rules for a safer, flexible, happier work environment. No pay cuts just smaller raises.
  18. 24601

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    Striking right now would not be a good idea, the economy sucks and your probably only going to get negative press coverage. However in a few years when (hopefully) the economy turns around and we are renegotiation our new contract we will have better leverage.
  19. City Driver

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    i got no respect for anybody who wants to strike now, either at UPS or UPS Freight

    except for the part timers who make next to nothing and dont get any hours

    theres no reason for us to strike...is our contract perfect? NO do they follow the contract the way they should? NO

    and its the same way over at UPS i bet.......BUT, over here we make $23 an hour and have good benefits, and you all make more then us.....theres 50 year old people laid off begging for a $10 an hour job right now

    we have it made, i dont care how hard your job is, yes im sure package car drivers work hard and so do we, but we are paid well for it and there is no reason to strike
  20. ja4079

    ja4079 ja4079

    I hope that I never have to experience another strike! If all works as planned I will be done just before the next contract comes up. I will have 33 years in.