1. C

    22.3 Midnight/Preload 6th day/holiday question (Central)

    So, as the title says, I'm midnight/preload. Midnight does not have forced 6 days, but preload does. This means they're asking that I show up close to 5 hours later than my normal start time and not expecting me to work 8 hours. My steward said in passing that they can't do anything if I don't...
  2. meritocracy

    Did you work today? [Memorial Day]

    If so how was it?
  3. Browntownslave

    Holiday Pay?

    What holidays do drivers not work and which holidays are included in holiday pay?
  4. El Correcto

    College and Full time driving?

    Is it possible and does Ups offer any leave time/school compensation?
  5. unloady

    Holiday pay

    Hey guys. So I used a paid sick day last friday. Called in one hour before start time. Just looked at my time card and it says for monday (memoirial day) that I did not recieve pay for that day. Heard from the older guys that you have to clock in the previous scheduled working day to recieve...
  6. B


    (Part-Time Dock Worker) Hello everyone, new here and also first post. I recently got hired at ups (first day was Monday got there to realize they scheduled me by mistake and was actually closed) So, today makes my second night. -I want to make a career out of this. I would like any advice to...
  7. muthatrucka

    MLK Jr Day

    Why can’t we trade Black Friday holiday for MLK Jr. day or Veterans Day?
  8. BigBrown87

    6th punch for Friday due to Holiday on Sunday

    Was talking to an older driver, he stated he heard that today was our 6th punch. So that would mean 1.5 pay for the day. I’m in the central so I don’t know if it is different in other regions. Just trying to verify if anyone heard anything similar to the post or had any idea about it.
  9. U

    7 day punch on Saturday on 1/6/2018 double pay

    My manager is telling me I can’t work this Saturday because I’m not a Tuesday-Saturday. I told him I was off for New Years on Monday so I should be able to get my 5 day punch, but they don’t want me to get a 7 day punch double time. What should I do?I have 15 years with the company I don’t see...
  10. RuthlessSupSlayer

    Holiday pay

    I have been qualified since October 2017 so my question is do I have to wait 12 months again to get the 8hours at driver rate for holiday pay?
  11. A

    opportunity to work at ups miami airport

    I'm curious though what are the shifts over there, and what days do they work. Please help me, I can not find no info online, and I was offered this last night all of a sudden by my manager. I'm a PT supervisor.
  12. M

    I want to wish all my UPS brothers and sisters a Happy Holiday

    That was a horrible peak, but we made it. Now it’s family time and that’s the most important thing. No matter how much money we make it can never replace time with family. Let’s enjoy these back to back 3 day weekends and then the line for discipline outside the office after the PCM begins...
  13. U


    Is 401k offered to part time employees
  14. B

    Quitting and the final paycheck-On Topic

    Started with UPS around Nov. 6th. Long story short, worked as a loader, got shunted to unloading, was fed up because of the peak season hours. Quit on the 30th of last month and 3 weeks later STILL have not seen hide nor hair of the paycheck for my last week there. Keep calling HR and/or...
  15. unloady

    Forced Saturdays

    Hi, been lurking here for awhile. Lots of useful information and good laughs. Been a package handler for 3 years now. Im in Local 63 and management is giving the mandatory Saturday demand. I am a M-friend employee. Steward has not been present latley and I was wondering if they can require Saturdays...
  16. Jkloc420

    Merry Christmas

    merry Christmas to everyone on browncafe and happy holidays to all
  17. watdaflock?

    Ya got your arse kicked as a preloader when... find a PAL label stuck to the back of your sweatshirt after arriving home. One week left. Lets hear some other examples.
  18. scratch

    70 Hour Rule, Merry Christmas

    We were told in the PCM this morning it’s now official.
  19. charmschool

    Friday after Thanksgiving: 1.5x?

    Am a new fulltime permanent and worked the Friday after Thanksgiving. Was told by another driver that day is 1.5x. Is this for everyone or only drivers with seniority? Also for drivers with direct deposit, how do you see your paystub? Also, where's the employee handbook?
  20. 35years

    UPS workers claim holiday disaster looms as they threaten to strike

    UPS workers claim holiday disaster looms as they threaten to strike UPS workers claim holiday disaster looms as they threaten to strike UPS aircraft mechanics are threatening to strike during the busy holiday shipping season The workers are launching a national advertising campaign to fight...