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    I'm a driver in California and the latest thing UPS is on the high horse about in our area is the taking of an hour lunch. I always take an hour because in the past when i took an 1/2 hour i would always bring in the air! But since i'm a shop stweart and been with UPS for 27 years i don't let anything go by me if i think it's unfair! In the contract the parragraph that explains lunch period (i will not quote the contract look it up) there is nothing that states that we have to take an hour for lunch. Managment says it implyes it!! and unfortuneatly the union is agreeing with managment. One center even has there diad board shut down for 1 hour ours only shuts down for 1/2 hour. California law only says that at least an 1/2 hour has to be given. So whats the deal!!!!!
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    Ours state a lunch of 1 hour. Now some take 50 minutes + 10 minutes break to reach that hour. Others take 1 hour of lunch + 10 minutes of break for a longer rest period.
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    Why would you not want to take the full hour? We used to get an hour here and no one took the full hour because they wanted to get home earlier, so our local has an agreement for half hour lunch because thats what everyone thought they wanted,(that way they could go home sooner). Well the company just added more work to make up for the half hour and people are still out just as long, only now they only get 30 minutes for lunch!!

    I would love to have an hour!!
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    What does your supplement say? I've seen a few that says something to the effect. A one hour lunch break is granted. 1/2 hour lunch is allowed if agreed upon by both the company and the employee.
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    Your missing the point this is America we should nave a choice. And as for getting more work after taking an 1/2 hour grow some balls and tell them to go back to the lower stop count.
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    I don't care who you are, that's some funny stuff right there.
  7. cachsux

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    You`re the shop stweart,get it put in the contract. I think the only balls you`ll feel after that statement will be the ones slapping against your ass.
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    I didn't want to type the section but i will:

    The lunch period shall not be less than 1/2 hour or more than 1 hour in duration. The lunch period shall commence not less than 4 hours after the employees starts work, and shall be completed no later than 6 hours after the commencement of the employee's work. If the employee is directed to take a 1/2 hour lunch, the remaining 1/2 hour will be paid at the over-time rate.

    Thats all it says no more no less. so how do you get 1 hour mandatory lunch out of that??
  9. 1989

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    This tells me you should be taking a one hour lunch.
  10. cachsux

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    "If the employee is directed to take a 1/2 hour lunch" I don`t see where it`s the drivers choice for 1/2.
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    That's your individual supplement. Ours is under "meal period", basically it states, (for package drivers), they will be allowed 20 min for breakfast and 40 min for lunch. This will not be counted as time worked and the time for lunch must be taken between 12 and 3 pm.
    Feeder drivers must take their meal period of 1 hour between their 3rd and 5th hour after scheduled starting time. "There shall be no work done during any of the above meal periods."
    "The Company agrees that they will not harrass employees during the meal period."
    Mileage drivers may elect not to take lunch if there is no delay at their turn around.

    It would seem from your supplement above that they can direct you to take a 1/2 hr lunch, but then they have to pay you 1/2 hr OT. Basically I would say that would apply if they sent you home after 8 hrs on a day they directed you to take 1/2 hr lunch they would have to pay you for 8 1/2hrs. Since they can "direct" you to take a 1/2 hr, I guess they can "direct" you to take an hour. What has "past practice" been, could you, would you, be able to take a 1/2 hr at your choice and be paid for it? (not deducted 1 hr pay for lunch those days)
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    The company is contractually right. For whatever reasons, they have determined that the drivers must take an hour lunch. It satisfies the equation 30mins =or< lunch<or =1 hour. Management does not violate the contract by telling you to take an hour lunch. They would violate it if they told you to take a 29 minute lunch or a 61 minute lunch. If they told you to take a 46 minute lunch, it would not violate the contract.

    It would really depend on whose discretion prevails (driver/union or management) in where in that range between 30 and 60 minutes of how long the lunch period lasts. So who decides?
    That is a good question. I am in feeders, they tell me to take an hour lunch which I happily do, but that's just me.
  13. 1989

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    20 minutes for breakfast? you should add a snack time and a nap time in the next contract.
  14. Pkgrunner

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    Sounds like your center does not want to pay you for your two 15 minute breaks that you are entitled to under Ca state law.

    In Ca. if you work over 6 hrs in a day you are entitled to 2 15 minute breaks and a 1/2 hr meal period. After 10 hours of work you are entitled to another 10 minute break. If you are going to work over 12 hours, you need to take a second 1/2 hour meal period between the 4 and 5th hour after your first meal period ended..
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    Thanks for all the replies and sorry CACHSUX for that remark i tend to fly off the handle alot when it comes to UPS stickin it to the driver!!! If the contract says 1 hour witch i still say it dosen't say it clear enough there is always gray in something and if there is gray someone has to have a good reason to make it black or white!! UPS has no good reason to force us to take a hour. I know the reason and if that problem is around deal with it on an indvigual bases. Sorry my spelling is bad that dosent make me stupid.
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    Thank God for these guys named Stewart I keep hearing about.
  17. UnsurePost

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    Here, our supplement states that UPS will allot full-timers UP TO AN HOUR.

    We had employees taking 45 minutes or even 30 minutes lunch because honestly, who wants an hour lunch EVERY day? (sure some may , but more do not)

    So the union threw its weight around and says you MUST TAKE AN HOUR, even if UPS agrees on a 1/2 hour lunch.

    That is what I do not like; the union meddling in things they really have no business meddling.
  18. carneys

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    Thank You Sleeve_Meet_Heart Thats my point we should be allowed to take what ever length of lunch we want min 1/2 hour max 1 hour. This is not NAZISM OR COMMUNISM for christ sakes can't eveyone see that!!!!
  19. happybob

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    Problem was caused by the company automaticaly taking one hours pay from workers. If you did't take your one hour lunch they would still deduct one hours pay.
  20. UnsurePost

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    No, that is illegal.