$106,000 per year retirement

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  1. happyboy

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    Plus 1.6 million cash wow what a great retirement. who gets this? A sports superstar? a Moviestar? A Ceo of a fortune 500 company? No these people probably get a better deal.

    This sweetheart deal goes to the chairmen of the Atlanta area United Way. So this is just one of the reasons why im not going to give to the united way. I think this is to much money. don't get me wrong i am somewhat charitable, i like to buy the Ecs clerks a soda once in a while, I hand the unloader a dollar on occasion and tell him get yourself a drink. I just don't want my employer telling me who i need to give my money to.
  2. edd_tv

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    the local united way people came to our building the other day to drum up support. it was funny to try and hear them out when they talked about helping the world when they got out of their lexus suv.
  3. Baba gounj

    Baba gounj pensioner

    Give locally. See just where your support goes. Help your neighbors first, not some fat cat.
  4. rod

    rod retired and happy

    MANY better was to give than United Way
  5. tieguy

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    Wow that guy actually raised over a billion dollars to help the poor? Thats an incredible record.

    Perhaps you thought united way should have hired a muted monk who could have gotten a few bags of hand me down clothes?

    Just think if Hoffa had the same results you guys would be retiring as millionaires instead of arguing as to who screwed up your pensions.
  6. Nitelite

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    While that article absolutely sickens me and makes me wish I hadn't given anything this year, it should be noted (this is what I was told anyways) that UPS pays the administrative percentage of any donation. Ie. If United Way administrative costs are 10% of everything they take in then if you donate $100, UPS will pay $10 to cover the admin cost so your donation in theory is 100% going to those who need it. Shrug, I have no idea, but I think I was told that.
  7. Mike Hawk

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    Six figure a year retirement, 1.6 million bonus, sounds non profit to me.
  8. Bad Gas!

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    I direct my donation to Camp Sunshine,Clairmont Rd,Decatur,Ga..This is a great camp for cancer kids.The kids get to do all sorts of things while fighting for thier life with Cancer..A good friend of mine, who lost there son with non-hoskins L, told me about how wonderful it was for Brad, the three years that he battled..Hopefully all the donation goes to them..
  9. speeddemon

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    This is how I see it. God has blessed me, so I am going to help out where I can. Now, if there are some that are taking that money and abusing it, they will have to answer to God. Im going to do the right thing. There are people that wont get help if we dont give. If you look hard enough, you can find corruption anywhere. I think people use that as an excuse to hold on to thier money.
  10. pretzel_man

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    I've researched many charities, and for me, United Way is the best. Their administration percentage is excellent. I checked the adminstrative % of many organizations and found that through UW, more of my money goes to actually helping vs. overhead. (Remember, this person's pay is part of overhead)

    What other options did this person have for a job?

    Certainly the pay for this top executive is not in the charity range. However, did a person of this quality, improve UW earnings by 10%? What was that worth?

    Giving to UW or any charity is a personal decision. Using the pay of this top exec is a bad reason to use however.

    You can pick any company (or union for that matter) and say the same about upper management.

  11. Covemastah

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    http://www.jimmyfund.org/ I give to the Jimmy fund each year this great oranization fights cancer for children at Boston's Dana Farber Cancer Insititute and has cured thousands of kids.They are doing a big marathon fundraiser this week and the RedSox have helped them for years with donations and fundraising.This is a great cause to help wipe out cancer in children.click on above site to see more.There is nothing worse than seeing what these kids go through!!!!!! If you give $10 thats a help,whats that afew coffees during the week !! It would mean alot to those children.
  12. freeloader

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    Maybe he should be solicited to contribute some of that to the United Way.
  13. wyobill

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    I have to agree with speeddoman. I feel everyone should chip in a little and if UPS is willing to match we should support what they believe in. Whats 2 bucks a week. There is always going to be people recieving that dont deserve it but most of the recipents are in need. I cant believe how tight and cheap some people are. Im sure not going to die with that lable on my back
  14. hyena

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    There we go I agree. I understand that the man has to make his money and isnt going to work for free, but 1.6 million in retirement for working for a charity cmon! People are wanting to see there donations go to helping people who need it. All im saying is thats way to much to be raking in for being a charity worker!
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    I've got to hand it to you Tie, you've got the tenacity of a Pit Bull. Is there any topic on this forum that you've been unable to twist your Teamster jabs into?

    I have always given to a designated recipient under the United Way umbrella through payroll deduction as I believe in sharing our good fortune.

    This year it has come to my attention this recipient now has a lower United Way donations cap placed upon them and my contributions will be applied to this cap which won't help this charity, but rather free United Way to dole out more $ elsewhere. My monies this year will be going to charities other than United Way.

    To be honest, in recent years I've soured on the payroll deduction idea as I've felt the United Way campaign at work has just become another misrepresented management numbers game. touche
  16. browniehound

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    I will still contribute to the United Way because its easy, convienient and I think it does a good deal for the community in general.

    That being said, learning what that person makes in retirement makes me sick. People are not supposed to recieve pensions this large. It reminds me of the politcal hacks in Massachusetts and especially William Bulger.

    "Billy" was the senate president here in MA and then became the president of the University of Massachusetts. He is now recivieving a state pension over $150,000 per year and actually had the nads to petition for an increase.

    Give me a break! Many of us on Browncafe probably know of his infamous brother James "Whitey" Bulger the irish mob boss who has been on the lamb since 1995 and which the movie "The Departed" was largely based on. Great movie, bad man.

    Anyway, William Bulger was called to testify before a senate commitee in 2003 about his fugative brother. He fumbled and stuttered with many questions, but when asked what he thought his brother did for a living "Billy" said I'm not sure, but "I think he was involved in gaming."

    I guess someone forgot to tell ole' Billy that gaming is ILLEGAL is Massachusettes??? Can you imagine the president of YOUR state senate making THAT statement????

    I just can't believe the taxpayers of Masssachusetts are paying this man close to 200K/year in retirement, especially when he probably knows the whereabouts of his brother who is on the FBI's 10 most wanted!!!!!!
  17. broncobros1

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    Nicely put...
  18. paidslave

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    I'd say the UNION hires him! He did something right.....he took care of lots of people and he should be taken care of. God bless him!
  19. hyena

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    With that much money for retirement he could have helped alot more people!
  20. tieguy

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    Dawg it was not meant to be a teamster jab but point out the incredible skill someone has to have to run an organization that collects a billion dollars.

    The point is valid though if you had someone at the teamsters that managed money that well then each of you would retire millionaires.