396 meeting Sunday June 2, 2013

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    Local 396 will be having a meeting to review the proposed health/welfare & contract. Sun June 2 2013 @ 9am. 1221 N Peck Rd. So El Monte.

    I hope you can all make it!
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    Are you paying airfare?
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    Geez, I hope union management brings armed guards!!

    TOS, will you be there?
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    Most guys I've talked to are still clueless and surprised there are people against it. They just quote the flyer the union sent in the mail and assume its all true. Half truths don't count.
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    I've talked with a BA and they do have a plan. Problem is there are no guarantees that that plan will happen and if it doesn't we get dumped into central states by default. This contract could cost the Local 396 their jobs....or they could come out of this looking good. Don't think for a minute that our Local 396 Teamster Board and Staff don't want this to work out....we ALL have a lot riding on this contract. I don't know if they're trying to make lemonade out lemons or what but they did plan a meeting so lets see what they have to say.
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    They assume the union has their best interests at heart, not their own.
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    Ron H should be prepared to get lynched!
  8. Anonymous 10

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    Vote yes
  9. Bubblehead

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    Vote No
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  11. Gumby

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    If you don't vote...............Don't B.I.T.C.H...!!!!
  12. Gumby

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    I think Hoffa got re-elected.....................the same way Obama did..!!!!!
  13. The Other Side

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    Can some one invite me to attend.
    I am willing to make the loooong drive there to hear what LA has to say!
  15. The Other Side

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    Ron and his people were in the yards this last couple of days handing out a flyer which contrasts the two different health plans. The UNIONS new teamcare plan CLEARLY shows a large "out of pocket" expense for the employees and RON H attempted to justify this by saying "WE GOT YOU 1200.00 a YEAR IN RAISES"...."and if you cant afford it, then I dont know what to tell you".. UNQUOTE.

    In other words... "DONT GET SICK".

    This seems to be the battle plan for the LOCAL... Tell the members NOT TO GET SICK. Otherwise, if you cant afford it, then its your problem. They keep saying that the "TEAMCARE is a LAST RESORT", but there is really a last resort, and that LAST RESORT is to VOTE DOWN this contract and revisit the companys last offer for healthcare.

    I have NO INTENTION on having my UPS "ALLOCATION" of money sent to central states to shore that up while digging into my own pockets to pay for insurance that I SHOULD NOT have to pay for.

    The conversation really should be about taking all those members in that chitty TEAMCARE plan out of it, and placing them into our UPS health plans. This would benefit all MEMBERS.

    Our local is obviously in the boat with the International and attempting to steer that boat into a health care plan that will cost us members in local 396 thousands of dollars. We will not stand for that.

    Under direct pressure from "key" leaders in the yards, local 396 has finally set a date for this contract review meeting.

    You can bet the farm that members will SHOW in force at this meeting and advise RON and staff that this contract is UNACCEPTABLE. They work for us and not themselves. We employ them and we can fire them.

    This meeting will be vocally hostile and "we" can expect the local to attempt to silence objectors. Its clear that the majority of members of 396 do not like this T.A. and we will make it crystal clear to the local that if this contract is ratified, we will immediately campaign for the removal of Ron H and staff.

    As I said in a previous post, Ron H. didnt break 2000 votes in a 9000 member local in the last election, and having 4 or 5 thousand :censored2: off teamsters digging into their own pockets for healthcare costs will ultimately be the end of his administration.

    Less than a thousand votes separated RON from his last challenger, and if this contract is ratified, all that would be needed is for 111 people in each hub to change their vote to a challenger and RON is finished.

    Now, considering that our entire package division and feeder division is against this contract, even Stevie Wonder could see the handwriting on the wall.

    The local knows it has heat coming. It knows that it will have to answer for agreement. They are not going to like hearing what will be said, and they will definitely not like hearing the members threaten to toss them out of office.

    This contract is a "concession" laced pile of crap and is not indicative of a solid contract based upon the performance of UPS over the last 8 years.

    Lastly, if RON Hererra is considering bringing in hall to handle the heat, then guess what, hall will get blasted as well. hall will NOT be respected for his participation in this horrific excuse of a contract and he will get his ears full.

    Our members are prepared. We have the "explanation of benefits" directly from Teamcare. We KNOW what we are talking about.

    Local 396 members will stand up for not only our local but for every teamster out there affected negatively by this agreement.

    The STINKS and 407's of the group can continue to bark and bark about this being a great contract, but heck, they got a free tshirt so it will be hard to change their minds.


  16. UpstateNYUPSer

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    He courted the black/Hispanic/entitlement vote?
  17. stink219

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    Because he ran against 2 nut jobs?
  18. stink219

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    Hey! I never got a T-shirt!! And because of that, I'm voting NO!
    Seriously though, you want people to sympathize with someone who will be in the similar health plan after this TA? I'm not against your fight but the only issue I see is that the medical issue should have been a supplemental one.
  19. UPS Preloader

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    But it's not... So we should all support them.
  20. The Other Side

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    A well organized "GET TO THE MEETING" campaign is underway in 396! Members are using facebook and texting to contact every member possible and show the local that they are playing with fire.

    Here's an open invitation to Ron H:

    RON, you'd better see that we are not satisfied with your handling of this contract. We could care less about any deals you may have made with the international. We want a full explanation on why you agreed to such concessions with the company during the most profitable time in UPS history.

    We want YOU to explain how you define giving up another year of progression as a victory for parttimers as you continue to say that in all the yards? How do you define victory? This is the second contract in a row where you extended progression for part timers costing them over $11000.00 a year and yet, you claim you are fighting for the parttimers. This makes no sense.

    We want you to explain how you define victory for full timers by taking them off of their superior UPS health plans that cost them little to no money, and instead, place them into Teamcare plans that will cost some members thousands of dollars? How is this a victory? Why would you eliminate a superior benefit negotiated by previous administrations and place us in a concessionary package ending years of complete cost free coverage for local 396 UPS teamsters?

    Then, you can explain why anyone employed by UPS under local 396 jurisdiction should EVER vote for you again?


    You can come to the meeting and save everyone hours of endless arguing and name calling by just saying you "MADE A MISTAKE" and NOW recommend "A NO VOTE" and you will go back to the teamsters and say your membership will not stand for this T.A.

    Do yourself a favor and change gears. hall and Jimmy Hoffa cant vote for you in our local elections, but we can.

    You chose, Ron.