5 Million Views. Is Change Coming?

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    The now infamous YouTube video has 5 million views and over 17,000 comments, not to mention national TV exposure on Letterman, GMA, and almost every local news program. FedEx is the laughing stock of the world right now, and it begs the following question. Will this force changes at FedEx Express? And I don't just mean Damage Control. Will there actually be meaningful changes to the Express business model?

    My first response would be an emphatic "NO". I fully expect that there will be some new program (with the required acronym) that increases monitoring and discipline regarding package handling procedures. That's a given, but I seriously doubt that any consideration wil be given to reducing workloads and re-examining what couriers actually do out there on the road.

    In the glass bubble that is Memphis, they still would have tagged this guy (the tosser) with a "gap" delay if he had taken 5 or 10 minutes (OMG!!!) to call the customer, call dispatch, or try and indirect the package. As far as a cubicle-bound MEM engineer is concerned, he still should have had it delivered in a minute, regardless of the fact that his dispatcher was probably ordering something on Amazon instead of monitoring the phones, or that he probably had a huge overload of stops compared to his usual "almost" huge overload of stops. It's "expected" that we would use our personal cellphone to try and contact the customer and/or try and get a neighbor to sign for it rather than doing a release.

    Here's the deal. If this courier had actually done it by the book, he'd probably be sitting in his manager's office this morning explaining why he took all of that extra time and didn't make SPH. Simply put, our system doesn't allow us to do the "right" thing and provide the customer with a "Purple Promise" experience. If you are a good courier, your face time with the customer is a view of the rear end of your vehicle as you speed down the street headed to your next stop. In the ruthless pursuit of efficiency and profit, the customer has largely been left out of the equation.

    I haven't had time to read very many comments, but many of them are misguided. For instance, some say that they hope the "union" doesn't protect this courier from being fired. What a laugh. Others seen equally clueless, which indicates to me that the FedEx PR machine still has most of the general public bamboozled. MT3's apology speaks directly to maintaining the facade instead of actually solving the root problem.

    This courier did a really dumb thing, but it should really get Memphis to re-examine the expectations it has of it's employees. My guess is that there will be a lot of people fired and disciplined over the coming months, and that absolutely nothing else will change for couriers. That's just sad.
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    I would look at the positives and that it will raise awareness. That said a employee leaving on bad terms can stage what you saw any day of the week. It's people. Perhaps a person had a bad day not because of his work, perhaps his wife was caught cheating on him the night before. The point is, it's an individual thing, not a company thing, I'm sure there is no protocol that says send a package flying over a fence. Sure we can all think we can control everything but it comes down to individuals.
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    It is doubtful that FedEx will fire this courier, notice they say he isn't working with customers right now not that he is fired. If he is fired he will most likely expose the unsafe "production" practices that FedEx imposes on it's employees. It is not an individual thing, anyone who has worked at a hub knows that packages are tossed all the time, just not typically out in public. You are kidding yourself if you think every package is handled with care all the way through the system. FedEx will most likely just impose severe disciplinary action for such an act but leave the unreasonable production goals the same or increase them. They will lose business from this incident and will most likely attempt to make up for the lost profit by placing further unsafe and unreasonable demands on their couriers through Stops per Hour goals.
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    Again, if he's in the UK then he is in a union. Very possible if first offense he won't be fired.
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    I heard it was SoCal. No confirmation. If they do eliminate him, I hope he does his own YouTube video exposing FedEx practices and procedures.

    XFILED Member

    I know the guy...he is a good person and hard worker....he works in Southern California....The incident happened last Saturday...The tail end of a 6 day work week...He was probably at or above 60 hours of work...not sure why he did what he did....haven't spoken to him since the incident happened...All i know is the station he works at has had numerous worker rights violations through the years...numerous violations of people not getting lunches before Fedex was sued in California about that issue some years back...10 to 12 hour days are the norm at this station going back as far as the 90's...
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    C'mon guys,this is not your average fedex delivery.This guy went too far.If it was a box of shoes,or a bag of t shirts,it would be a different story.In my eyes,this guy really didn't seem to care that it was an expensive monitor.From what I read ,all he had to do was ring the bell on the gate,one minute more time.
    This is possibly the result of intimidation for not making SPH.UPS is famous for this,but we have the option of requesting a ride along to show us how it's done.
    This usually ends up a disaster and they leave you alone till the next manager takes the reigns.
    I think most people that use fedex are intelligent enough to know that this is just one bonehead that needs training.
    I also think that although right now it seems like a big deal,it will go away fast.The advent of youtube has made the public
    more aware .Just a note...about 12 years ago I found a pkg in my truck about 6 ft long and about 100 lb.
    When I stood it up I heard pieces falling inside.It was a roland keyboard,worth about 5K at the time,wrapped in cardboard and plastic tape.
    I had the guy sign for it and watched him open it.Every knob was broken,they were all over the floor.
    Some driver somewhere decided that it would be way faster to just accept this pkg than to refuse to pick it up as per bad packaging.
    he was pushed to be productive.
    Then it comes into the hub where the PPH takes over.Who has time to care?
    I'll just roll this puppy end to end till I get it on the train.
    Someone (in our field)needs to find a balance between customer service and production.
    ups and fedex upper management,have to realise the drivers are not the problem.
    It's the shareholders trying to increase revenue.
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    Have you heard what they're doing in terms of "discipline"? If you can contact this courier let him know that he could easily turn the tables on FedEx by going public and airing the dirty laundry so to speak. He might even be invited to appear on television. He could actually work this to his advantage by putting the fear of even more exposure into FedEx.
  9. vantexan

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    He's going to defend himself by talking bad about FedEx? Doesn't justify what he did.
  10. UpstateNYUPSer

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    You want this guy to go on TV?? In what world could he possibly defend what he did? I can just imagine Matt Lauer having a field day with this guy. Any atempt on his part to "expose" the company would be seen as a desperate attempt to save face and would fail miserably.

    How would he word this on his updated resume? Work experience---Employed at FedEx from ** to **--discharged for improper package handling. Please see enclosed video.

    I had a customer tell me today that it was not a computer monitor--it was a Samsung flat screen TV.
  11. LTFedExer

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    Can anyone quote exactly which policy the courier broke? MT3's video said it goes against company values, but nothing against violating any policy.
  12. UpstateNYUPSer

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    It is very hard to write a policy which defines common sense.
  13. MrFedEx

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    No, it doesn't, but it would possibly help explain the circumstances underlying why customers packages get abused.
  14. UpstateNYUPSer

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    In the video he took the time to look back not only once but twice, which suggests to me that he knew that what he had just done was wrong. He then shrugged his shoulders and went back to his illegally parked van and went on to provide quality customer service to the next lucky customer.
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    You would have more credibility then this guy to go on TV and talk Fedex trash and still no one cares. Like pretty much any employee in the world has "dirty laundry" about a company. The thing is, you think Fedex's dirty laundry is unique and worse then others. What they do and how they abuse is so common place anymore. I agree with you overall in treating people square, I couldn't disagree more that it's a Fedex issue. It's a world wide issue. Someone goes on TV and thinks they expose company dirty laundry, it will come off petty, misunderstood and at best the listener would say back to the TV "You think that is bad let me tell you about .....". Dime a dozen.
  16. MrFedEx

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    FedEx presents itself as an exception to the rule among corporations, so their laundry is just a bit dirtier than most. Given the fact that FedEx has a generally excellent reputation with the general public, it probably would come-off as petty criticizing them openly in the media.

    What really peeves me about FedEx is the degree to which the company exploits employees while simultaneously pretending that they are the world's best employer. In the last 10 years, we've had so much stripped away, but are expected to work much harder for less. Yes, that's "everywhere", but Fred Smith has spent hundreds of millions of dollars on polticians to absolutely, positively, ensure that he gets preferential treatment, and that investment has been a Golden Goose for him. He's a corporate criminal, plain and simple.

    FedEx Ground is essentially a government-subsidized corporation, because Smith gets to pay poverty level wages and have his employees at least partially supported by the taxpayer. That's unethical at best, and just plain criminal, at worst. If there ever was a living example of a Mr. Potter from "It's a Wonderful Life", it's Frederick W. Smith. He's evil, rotten to the core, and obsessed with profit. His people are only a source of profit...nothing else.

    Like I've said, you really do have to work here to understand just how insane and duplicitous the whole organization is. Up is down, out is in, and left is right. Logic makes no sense at FedEx. It's that weird.
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    Im not making excuses for him cause im not sure what time it happened but around 12:00 powerpad messages started coming from management that everyone had to be off the clock by 1400 despite the fact that on that Saturday all the freight from Monday and Tuesday had to be attempted...
  18. Cactus

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    Well there you go, over zealous and clueless management must have either their ass or a bonus on the line and so much for safety too.

    1400? Get real. Most of our couriers couldn't do that by 1600.

    I'm not making excuses for the courier that threw the package either but working conditions like this will make some drivers do the wrong thing just to please the unreasonable demands that are shoved down our throats.
  19. MrFedEx

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    Gee, wonder if that stupid management move could have anything to do with it?
  20. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Could it be that management was concerned about the safety of the couriers and any backlash that they could have received as a result of the video?