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Discussion in 'Current Events' started by The Other Side, Oct 16, 2008.

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    In last night Debate, John McCain had the opportunity to talk about ALL the rhetoric he and Sarah Palin have been spewing on the campaign trail.

    As the commercial once said; "Wheres the beef"?

    Nothing, Zero, Nada.

    1) Bill Ayers
    2) Reverend Wright
    3) Reverend Pfleger
    4) Pal-ling around with terrorists
    5) Losing the Iraq war
    6) Surrender on the War on Terror

    What happened? The moderator asked John McCain directly if he would say to Obamas face, the things that both he and Sarah say on the campaign trail and HE COULDNT.

    It was OBAMA who talked about Bill Ayers upfront and gave his explanation. McCain would say nothing.


    Rumbling and Bumbling he plodded thru aimlessly trying to mix campaign rhetoric with jibberish. Only FOX news has McCain winning the debate.

    Silly, but true.

    On a side note, A few posters on this board made a BIG DEAL out of flag pins and what they mean by not wearing one.........last night.....


    I guess it means that John McCain DOES'NT love his country, right?
  2. The Other Side

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    Sen. John McCain did not wear an American flag lapel pin during the debate.

    McCain Appears Without Flag Pin

    Sure, this is an extraordinarily silly issue but since the Republicans are dedicated to pointing out how Obama fails to wear an American flag pin, here you go.

    From Ben Smith:
    On a day Karl Rove's interview attacking Obama's disdain for flag pins appears, McCain appears pinless (if surrounded by flags).
    In the old days, Rove wouldn't have let that happen.
    McCain sometimes wears the pin, but not always. "His record of service to his country shows his dedication," spokeswoman Brooke Buchanan said last year.
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    Wow You are a lonely person.
    No One responds so you respond to your ownself.
    Not suprised but interesting.
  4. drewed

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    its impressive not only do you talk to yourself on the internet but also to the fact it consist of blah blah blah and nothing else
  5. The Other Side

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    I appreciate the observation, However, consider my postings an extention to a continous point.

    When Dealing with Hypocrisy, there is no better way to level the playing field than to demonstrate that rediculous claims should never be a part of an election cycle or campaign.

    If I am lonely, I feel satisfied that I am able to entertain myself at the expense of the republican party.

    Thanks for the thought!
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    When dealing with something indefensible, they attack the messenger :nono:
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    You do that to Fox News all the time. Ad hominem :wink2: Even B. Hussein has used this tactic effectively.
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    In that case the whole Team Mccain/Palin ticket has been running an "Ad-Hominem" campaign and rallys for the last two weeks because basically McCain's staff director (name slip my mind) admitted they can't win on the issues on the economy.:peaceful: