"And the next President is...."

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    Well....in the hills there is only one known method of birth control......
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    now that was NASTY
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    Several months ago when I saw the picture for the first time I to thought it was doctored. But thanks to UPS and it's superior quality package handling and the resulting fallouts we had some of this stuff come out of a box on the sort one night along with other unspeakable adult uh...well.... you know. As the comedic word spread around the building I can truly say both hourly and supervisor alike were all comedians the rest of the night. I have to admit that night was very entertaining and a pleasant departure from the normal grind and pace of the job. Had tears in my eyes more than once from the laughing. The real irony was we beat PPH plan and the service numbers were fantastic that night so you would think IE would take the hint. Their solution?

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    This report is not kind to republicans at all IMO when it comes to spending if you really look at the numbers. Based on total spending President Clinton was the real savings hawk over all the Presidents of the last 40 years. Argue what you want about the issues of morality but from the standpoint of spending control based on CBO numbers we need Clinton back in office and yes I know he had other warts too.

    The numbers really present a hard irony for those who are conservative by politics and economics and tend to vote republican. Good people who are especially fiscally conservative need to step up and send a hard message to Washington DC or this problem will only get worse.

    Also the Cato Institute, who produced this report, is not some George Soros, Michael Moore, MoveOn.Org, democratic underground deal but in fact a longtime noted ThinkTank in Washington with Conservative to Libertarian policies and positions.