AT&T and landline workers contract

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    The Contract covers almost 90k landline workers. The NLRB covers contract rules and they should have walked off the job but the union has "bent over backward" to help the company continue customer service while employees are working without a contract. The way employees are helping companys make billions while not sharing in the wealth is growing old. UPS airline mechanics have no contract and no chance at a pay raise or benefit enhancement. The way companys can withhold pay and benefits for years while grade 20's rake in 200% over their base pay, top dogs get 600%, and MIP flows freely for all mgt when they produce or not. If I took a delay on a MD 11 full of NDA volume I would have been at section 8 hearing.
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    "should have walked off the job"

    AT&T's wireline business is declining (20 percent of consumer access lines lost in the past 3 years), yet it is the part of the business where union employees have the richest health care benefits. Union-represented Core wireline employees pay similar amounts for their health care as union workers at the Big 3 automakers pay — and it's clear what those sorts of unsustainable costs have done to America's auto industry. These employees also pay significantly lower than what other AT&T employees pay, including those covered by other CWA contracts.

    Health care plans that keep Core wireline bargained-for employees with lower health care costs than AT&T management, other recently negotiated CWA agreements, competitors and well below the national average — remaining one the of most robust health care plans in the nation. Some elements of the plans include:
    • Employee health care costs pegged to wages, so that those who earn less, pay less for deductibles
    • Full company-funded coverage of all preventative care, including annual physicals, mammograms, well-baby care, and immunizations
    Have you bothered to notice what is going on in the economy ? The "union bent over backwards" ? What world are you living in ? I've got some advice for you - Never attempt to be a union negotiator.
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    Actually, as I'm sure you know, you are not working without a contract. Under the Railway Labor Act which covers UPS airline mx, the contract merely became amendable 5 years ago. It did not expire.
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    Airbus, why try to mask the point youre trying to make? What do we have to gain from yet another thread about the AMT contract? There havent been any new hearings, and wont for several months. And you still havent said what would be a fair gains in the contract.