Brown Up Day!!!!! (Management Only)

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    Tomorrow is Friday, and in my hub it's Brown Up Day. The goal is to do as much union work as possible without getting caught. I was hoping that we could get something going across the country and compare stories and notes. Get away from your desk for a while, and do something good for the company. Last week I had a guy scan and load over 1600 packages!!!!! BROWN UP!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I'll give you a tip, it's all about the staffing. Short staff an area with young employees and let your part time sups do the work.
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    Might as well. Makes business sense to me. As long as no one grieves it then keep it up. Not like management has anything better to do.
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    Dont feed the troll.

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    Would I be allowed to post pictures of Brown Up Day if I black out the faces??
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    Aw, cmon! It's "National Moron Day". Part of "National Moron Day" is feeding them. Can't I feed him? He's so much fun! And so easy to lead around!
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    Is tieguy at it again?:peaceful:
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    i think i would be looking for signature red polo shirts and/or suits. If i didn't see any I'd be looking closer at everyone's faces, although with 12 ppl in the morning 20 drivers and 4 night sorters it's much easier lol
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    Fridays are the best day for mgmnt to do union work in our hub.

    Our stewards rarely do anything about it since it's Local 25 and the side-deals they ahve with management. If a steward decides to try to throw his weight around, a company-friendly or two hourly tips them off before the steward approaches.

    Usually the PT supervisor children with something to prove, thinking they are going somewhere with the company, sweat it out quite well unloading and sorting on Fridays. UPSSOCKS certainly fits that mold. I do not interefere anymore - just laugh at the 4 -eyes weenie boy sweating through his polo shirt, working harder than I, and making half the money per hour(if that). :happy-very::happy-very:

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    lol nice....

    I like your sig. :wink2:
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    proud of ya, if I were in management I'd be jealous too.
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    it's better then watching old men without a clue how to service a customer sit on there asses.
  14. Now you did it, the Hodgskin Cach Hub guy who has the issue with the $25/a hour admin will post at any moment!

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    Today was a success.. I walked the building and it was covert. The boys and one girl loaded 6,237 packages!!!! I snuck up on one of the sups and threw an audit and he missed it!! I am taking them out for beer and pizza later to reward them for a job well done. Our sort payday was a 3.48 that's under the guranteed 3.5 and it couldn't be possible without the help of the sups. Thanks guys and girls...

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    Do all the Stewards have side deals? Our Stewards are crooked as well. They know all about Brown up day but let it go on because they only want to work an hour or two on fridays....
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    Doesn't matter it's still guaranteed 3.5 so basically you gave your people free money. Gotta love that free money
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    I was gonna post something, but then deleted it realizing I would just be feeding this ridiculous thread
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    Not if its time worked!!
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    Thanks for the extra effort, I can't imagine how poorly this this stock would perform if mgmnt was honest.