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  1. I have always wondered about this strange and aloof arm of the Company. The freight companies always seemed very visible with sales people(bringing pizza and the like) to the shipping dept. It seems like the only time we saw bd people was maybe at a PCM begging for leads. We've all seen the lack of attention(unless there is a high claim account) for customers. How many customers have been lost to Fed-Ex? Without a fight......My thought was always that if we have all the business we have all the business....... like we used to have.......
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    They sure didnt come to work Friday! But then FDX ground didnt come to work either. I dont see them as doing too much work getting new business, ours are always putting out fires from large volume shippers, instead of taking care of small shippers who pay full rate or getting the little guy to sign a contract. If your OMS has a few brain cells they can look at ur leads- if they have been contacted at all by sales and if they're producing. That'll give you a good idear about ur sales reps work ethic. WE have 4 one to crack the whip and 3 to work they're respective $$$ levels of accounts.

    The SacValley and EastBay Tri sales have been consolidated due to you know what, so it might get even more loney for our customers.
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    we are winning new business all the time. we are also putting out fires caused by operational issues. after the customer signs the contract there is only so much we can do to retain the business. just because you dont see us does not mean we are not working....we usually talk to the decision makers in the front office,not the shipping guy on the dock...we are taking care of the "little guy". If a customer asks we will give them a discount, but we do not proactively give out discounts to the "little guy". ...there are 5 levels of sales people who do nothing but talk to customers all has inside sales reps so some of your customers may never see a sales rep inperson. sales people are required to make a certain number of calls per day...sales people get paid on compensation so if customers are leaving due to lack of attention, sales people will see in their pay checks...most customers switch to fedex because of operational issues not because of lack of attention from their sales person...
  4. Mr. Hudson, With all respect.........If you are a bd person, I'd expect nothing less.......However, I would imagine a quick survey of "operational" folks would return less than glowing revues........Considering Fed-Ex has the same operating issues as we do........Why do our customers leave? Considering operational procedures are mandated by management. Considering agreements and promises are made by bd....left to be fullfilled by "operations". My final thought is that sales people sale.......
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    Mr. Want To Retire:
    I would agree with you that BD would get a less than glowing review from operational folks....On the other hand a quick survey of BD folks wold say the same thing about operational folks.....Customers leave for 2 reasons: price and operational issues. True FedEx has the same issues, but customers who are fed up with UPS can't imagine FedEx being any worse and most of the time for a cheaper rate. It's a matter of getting the customer happy on both the BD and operational ends.
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    I dunno about the American side but I know the city in Canada I'm in our BD people are EXTREMELY busy. Usually they work later then the drivers (around 1930 or so). If we turn in a sales lead THEY contact the customer personally or visit them. Every Wed they're at our PCM's looking for any new sales leads.

    Obviously the driver is their life line because we're the ones in contact with the customer every day. They have no idea which companies ship and which don't (well some they do obviously) so we need to keep them informed before the evil dark purple empire comes along.
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    very well said. i wish all drivers thought this way. unfortunately some drivers on this forum say "it not their job" when it comes sharing information/sales leads.

    BLACKBOX Life is a Highway...

    I think the biggest issue with customers whether with us or our competition is that they expect their deliverys there as early as possible. I can't tell you the disappointment the consignee that gets his delivery late in the afternoon.

    Its sad that we have the bulk of the customers business but its FDX with their two trucks that gets there early and are customers aren't stupid, they are going to ship with someone who can give them time to process that shipment and come back later to pick it up.

    We have lost many accounts just on this fact. So its not the BD people not doing their job, its companys that want to see UPS address this issue.
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    Hello want to retire. No matter how hard BD works, operations will never give them the credit that is due to them. I see AE's - Sales Rep and their managers who send me emails 1AM in the morning, while you're sleeping. Just because you don't see BD folks does not mean they are not working. Their job is to meet with customers, not drivers.

    This is the 4th of July work week, have you ever considered that BD folks are entitled to take their vacations? Many businesses are closed, or closed early. Seems like a good vacation week to me. I work with BD and I'm also on vacation.

    Seems to me, that we would be better off as a company if operations worked with BD, instead of against them.
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    Well said, Hudson!
  12. Mr.Hudson, from my perspective: I have no control over price. In the end I have very little control over "operational issues". I can only be at one place at a time, at a certain time. For instance: alot of folks want their p/u at say 17:00......if you have 50 of them.......alot of folks want to be delivered first.......if you have 100 of them........ED and Pass take that out of the drivers hands........these systems are designed by mgt.(you). can't be in BD unless you're in mgt., right? So.....the less than glowing revue......why does fdx have cheaper rates? Better service? We are told who, when and how by you.......
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    One reason FDX is able to offer cheaper rates is they don't pay their drivers the high $$$ that UPS pays to their drivers. FDX does not provide better service! BD does not dictate the drivers route. EDS & PASS were not created by BD.
  14. "High $$$" has a negative connotation. Think we're overpaid? MGT overpaid? Every single aspect of UPS is dictated by MGT. You are MGT. So, if FDX does not provide better service(operations) must be price?
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    When I visit a customer I have never been to before, 9 times out of 10 the very first thing they say, before I even say anything is "First of all I have to tell how much we love ______(insert your name here if you are a driver). He/she is the greatest. Much nicer than the FedEx drivers. Sometimes the FedEx driver forgets to pick us up" When I hear this, which is often, I know they are not going to divert to FedEx.

    BD appreciates the relationships you build with the customers. YOU ARE THE REASON WHY SOME CUSTOMERS ARE UPS CUSTOMERS FOR LIFE.

    lets not start this bd vs. operations battle...lets all work together and do our jobs to the best of our abbility.
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    I do not believe UPS drivers are overpaid. I do not believe district level management are overpaid. I do not believe BD people are overpaid. Since I work on a district level, I have nothing to say about region or corporate level management work or pay because I have nothing to compare. I am not management, I am an admin that happens to work under BD, although I have worked in a few other departments in my 24 years as a UPSer. I see how hard BD folks are worked, not that I'm taking hard work credit away from a driver. However, I do get tired of BD getting blamed for everything that goes wrong at UPS by people who work in operations.

    You asked about price difference between UPS and FDX. UPS overhead is more than FDX, at least partly due to the pay difference in the drivers. Employee benefits are paid by UPS, while FDX hires sub-contractors, so there is no benefit paid out. Sub-contractors have to fix their own trucks, UPS fixes ours, which again is another cost. I am sure there are many other factors that contribute towards the differences in UPS price verses FDX price.

    FDX does NOT offer a better service, which includes BD work, as well as work done by other UPSers in other departments.

    Operations needs to realize they would not have volume to pickup if it wasn't for BD. Operations is only a piece of the pie, BD is another slice and other departments have a slice, as well, which makes UPS what it is.
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    It has NOTHING to do with BD...they are on the front lines just like the drivers. Operations really has changed this company so much that drivers are afraid of spending an extra 5 minutes at a stop in fear of being questioned. There are times when a company can be picked up or delivered at a given time but mgt doesnt want you to break trace...even if the damn customer is right across the street....theres no reason for that ..EVER..yeah, lets loose a customer because we cant drive 30 seconds off trace to give large customer better service. MGT wants sales leads but dont want to give the drivers a small amount of time to build relationships, and I dont mean BSing..actually taking a caring to the customer and their business. Operations do not care..period. If this fedex things in congress ends up passing then this kind of behavior is going to continue. This has been happening for awhile now..dont blame it on the a whole ups should be more alert because of the economy. these customers are our lifeline...drivers seem to know this....why does mgt forget, customers pay THEIR wages also!!!
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    Operations think they are the pie..period. They are the last folks in this company that care about the customer. They think that they are the ones who control all costs with this company. When you tell me I cant spend a few minutes a week with a customer then the only thing your doing is eroding the relationship that ups has with the customer. Hmmm, lets see, lets split hairs and save that extra 5 bucks a week..or better yet loose 25,000 dollars a year because the customer has gone to fedex. They are so out of touch with customers. and yes there are times that the only reason the customer has decided to stick it out with ups is because of the driver...this is something that mgt doesnt want to admit but knows is absolutely true.
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    It is a fact that many customers do love their drivers. I agree, drivers should have something in their DIAD to allow them to have customer contact time. Perhaps it already exists but has not been communicated to the drivers. There has to be a happy medium somewhere. I wonder how long it will take us to find it??
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    People in BD seem like drivers. Spread to thin to be efficient at thier jobs. Put more of both on the streets and take better care of the customers. If we don't someone else will. Better service is all it takes not a bunch of smoke and mirrors.