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    So I received a letter today from local 63 telling me that the health care plan has been finalized and approved by IBT and the company. The plan is the West Coast "Carve Out" plan. From what they say the providers remain the same. We will be distributed the description after the plan has been drafted. Hopefully the benefits remain how they are, or even better. Lol.
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    This thread would be a lot better in the union issues forum.
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    Oh.dont worry...they will....carve out.......more money out of your pocket!..without a doubt!
  4. Bubblehead

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    Make sure they give you a comprehensive plan description before you vote.
    Unfortunately, it tends to work the other way around.
    Instead you will be provided with vague DVD's, multiple mailers and meaningless conference calls, complete with comparison tables and bar graphs.
    This is because we are dumb truck drivers who would not understand if presented with the entire plan.

    Whatever you do, don't read the memorandums at the end of the National Master!!!
    That will ruin everything for them.

    If you're able to read between the lines, you will clearly see that the IBT is using us again to supplement the rest of the union.
    I was never a very good martyr.
    ​VOTE NO!!!
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    Good Evening Bubblehead. I understand your feelings about the IBT "supplementing the rest of the union", however, that is actually what they are elected to do considering they represent many diverse groups of workers. FWIW.....I have shared your feelings at times...but could never resolve the logic...

    Please visit the following link: What is a Union? | LAUNION

    Perhaps you and others would rather be part of some other union such as.............. ItsMAP ?

    or eliminate the existence of the union altogether? I have talked to some individuals who don't believe they need a union.................... until they get discharged or unfairly disciplined.

    Thoughts.....comments...... on... "How far should the IBT go to protect the interest of non-UPS Teamsters?"
  6. Bubblehead

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    We wish they would just say it.
    We love the Teamsters Union.
    We deserve the truth when contemplating our vote.
  7. Bubblehead

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    I might vote yes next time if they would just sell it to me straight....maybe?
    You don't have to be "in the know" to see what's going on here.
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    I might vote yes...if Hoffa resigns................oh wait we dont have a supplement to vote on!
  9. InsideUPS

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    Agreed Bubblehead..... I also appreciate straight talk... Perhaps we should apply for PR (Public Relations) jobs at our IBT office in Washington...
  10. 104Feeder

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    Yes, if you're in the West or NJ go ahead and vote "NO" so that it sends it back to the National Negotiating Committee and we lose all Local control over our Healthcare. Guess these voters were happy with C-6 (bye bye most Enhancements, hello age 55 retirement).

    Or, you could vote yes for a plan nearly identical to the one we have now, with Aetna, Kaiser, or BC/BC still your provider depending on where you are. You'll still have benefits at age 49 when you retire early.

    How about waiting till we have our meetings, see our SPD, and have all questions answered prior to advocating a blind "NO" vote? To advocate for that now is the epitomy of ignorance.
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    How do you know when the details haven't been released yet? I wouldn't advocate a yes or no vote until the details are released.
  12. The Other Side

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    There are no details released as of yet, and most of the talk is pure speculation, so I am curious on your definition of the word "NEARLY".

    The IBT and the leaders of the West/Southwest were claiming that the C6 plan originally presented to us was "NEARLY" the same as what we had, and it clearly wasnt. It was chocked full of backdoor costs.

    Now, "you" have used the word "NEARLY", so please define how you use the word "nearly".


  13. 104Feeder

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    Because those details were told to anyone who showed up for our General Membership meeting on Saturday by Andy M himself.
  14. Hawfuh Sux

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    So they were told and not handed out in print?

    I would never trust Andy M or anyone else that gets three salaries and three pension contributions and has drained his local's and joint council's assets to benefit him and his friends.
  15. Saboteur

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    We in Central States have the details and they aren't pretty. Most out of pocket costs are higher; some benefits that are "free" now, (prescriptions etc.) will now have a co-pay. I understand you are in a different region and some of these comparisons are apples and oranges. TeamCare is a business and they want to maximize their "profit". We were told at our informational meeting that UPS spent almost 30% of their cost (for our health care benefits) toward managing their plan. The rep for TeamCare touted that they only spend 7%! When asked why they weren't able then to duplicate UPS's plan, all we got was cricket chirping. Get to know and understand the details.
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    OK, I'll bite on this one :
    You state "from what they say, the providers remain the same".

    My question here is :
    Who really IS the provider?
    May we see the financial cost sheets exchanged between the insurer and the union sides!
  17. upsrogue

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    It's been 25 days since the carve out plan was agreed upon, why haven't the details been released? If the plan was truly as good as they are saying the details would have been released by now.
  18. 104Feeder

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    Would you like those words sauteed or char broiled?
    Say, how many years did Andy sit on committees for free to gain us the influence we enjoy today?
  19. 104Feeder

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    We don't just release info to satisfy the Internet peanut gallery. Besides the fact that they are still negotiating a few details in the supplements unrelated to healthcare, 104 releases information at scheduled meetings where we go through it line by line so there is no confusion and have exhaustive question and answer sessions.
  20. upsrogue

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    ​Isn't this the same Andy that ran as a reformer and then switched sides when he found out the money was better?