Chicago minimum wage 12$ a hour today

Discussion in 'Current Events' started by cachmeifucan, Jul 1, 2018.

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    That's right Chicago minimum wage is 12 as of July first. So why would anyone work for 13 a hour at ups. They will keep the the bonus if they realize they can't keep people I bet that language hasn't changed.
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    But many entry level jobs are disappearing due to the min wage increases. Some fast food joints have almost eliminated their entire shifts of humans. With all robots and one human overseeing it all . Entry level jobs are just what the tittle means. You get a poor paying job to learn how things work and you use those experiences to move on to better paying jobs. The entire concept of paying a living wage is unworkable. Who, except for a small part of the population, can build their entire career around flipping burgers ?
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  3. olroadbeech

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    Those of you of our generation knew that minimum wage jobs were almost entirely made up from teenagers in high school , college students , and some senior citizens that just wanted to stay busy.

    when did it happen that people expect it to be a living wage????

    This experiment is not working in Seattle where the min wage is $15 an hour. Business owners just cut back on staff , and/or make their staff do the work of one and a half people or 2 people. Some business are going out of business.

    Just like UPS , you have people passing these laws that don't know what the hell they are doing. That have NO real life experience running a business . These people want everything to be fair for everyone when that is unrealistic.

    It's the survival of the fittest as it should be.The market should be set by supply and demand and can not be manipulated.

    When are these liberals going to learn?
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    In a lot of small towns fast food restaurants are the most likeliest place to find a job. People get by by working two or three jobs at those places. Not hard to do as many fast food joints are open most of the day if not 24/7. When you work in a sizeable metro area you think there's plentiful jobs to be had but not the case in many smaller towns.