Old Man Jingles

Rat out of a cage
I've had three ... I can handle my shots better than you!


Join or Die
Leftists are in hog heaven, just like during the patriot act. They are taking from their many wish lists and dumping them in these trillion dollar spending bills. Lining the pockets of their backers and creating new wards of the government.

America losing is where leftists thrive.
Only way they can win is when people are miserable. Russian revolution comes to mind. When we’re working and prosperous no one wants them. That’s why they’re desperate to destroy America.
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Retired 2020. Not my Problem Anymore!
another day in the circus. No mask and no vaccination. We’ll continue in this loop.
Let us be nice to the people that have lied to us and taken away our rights. If we are nice and give up more of our rights we will get our rights back. Let’s keep going farther and farther away from normal so we can get back to normal. I am starting to think there is something in those vaccines that either make you comply or just dumbs you down.