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Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by Time for change, Aug 4, 2018.

  1. Time for change

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    The last strike was primarily to keep the pension in the hands of the Teamsters, and this massive giveback concessionary contract is because of the Teamsters squandering those pension funds?
  2. Time for change

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    Just read the entire Ron Carey Wikipedia. Fascinating and highly informative, as I’m not as old as Bug, but if you’re as old as Bug and scoff at corruption within the IBT, all I can do is shake my head.
  3. Time for change

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    Was not insinuating Ron Carey was more or less corrupt than the average Teamster official, sounds like less and highly corrupt individuals may have been behind is wrongful dismissal, just some great info on there.
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    LOL responding to your own post.
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    That's not a gang, those are my girlfriend's.
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    So...a gangbang?¿
  8. Tired Driver

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    What I heard was they were not squander but were invested into the remortgaging that all of the “To Big To Fail” banks were involved in. Still bad investments.
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    Every shower
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  11. Looser Maroon Stewart

    Looser Maroon Stewart A female CEO from Home Depot.

    That was part of the reason, correct.

    UPS will NOT lose $600-million again. (almost $1-billion today)

    I guarantee you that. UPS corporate is not near as soft as the days of CEO Kelly & Spokesman Black back in the 90's.

    Plan accordingly. We're all about have the biggest wake up call over our lives. Comfort your spouse & kids. It's going to effect them too. Also keep in mind that the public will definitely not be as supportive this time around. They just won't be, truth hurts I know.

    UPS workers strike> No. of strikers: 185,000 > Period: August 1997 >

    Affected area: nationwide

    The largest strike of the 1990s was lead by 185,000 UPS Teamsters. They were looking for the creation of full-time jobs rather than part-time, increased wages and the retention of their multiemployer pension plan. These workers gained major support from the public and eventually had all of their demands met. UPS, however, lost more than $600 million in business as a result of the ordeal.
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  12. Box Ox

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    Tough :censored2:. UPSers and the Union would be just as :censored2:ed now and down the road if they bowed down to the :censored2:ty Contract now before us. The only difference being that the Company wouldn’t have lost any money.
  13. Time for change

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    At this point in history, good luck to the company if they strike and wave goodbye to amazon and all the rest. Company can not strike, union just had an inferior and uneducated negotiator that didn’t even realize his leverage....or he is bought and paid for.
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  14. Time for change

    Time for change Active Member

    Company can hardly make service with existing workforce. Good luck in this economy finding enough newbies and scabs in a strike lol. Company can thank Low IQ DT for not having a clue.
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  15. eats packages

    eats packages I have depth perception issues

    There will be turnmoil. This is my biggest concern however: the average joe would go on strike largely due to the working conditions. If they want to find scabs, the first thing they might do is magically make the hubs fun to work for, give everybody light dispatches and tank the damages that result from these two changes for as long as possible.
  16. Froome

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    Hey, if they follow orion everything will be okay!!! Anyone can run any route...right? After a day or two ups may fold just to get us back.
  17. Pablo Escobar

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    Have y’all seen the amount and quality of new drivers they’ve been promoting? Some can’t even find an address without having to get directions from a veteran driver. With all the technology and gps ,not to mention good old fashion paper maps they have at their disposal it cracks me up that they still ask for directions. In the old days they’d throw you on a route blind and say find a map and you’ll be ok. The job isn’t tough but common sense and a good work ethic go a long way. I think UPS knows they’d be hurting themselves by putting any “joe :censored2: the ragman “ off the street on as a scab driver. I hope it don’t come to that. I just need a few more years and I’m outa here
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    She forgot to change user names.
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    And her claim.... that Denis T is low IQ.
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