Crossing the Line

Discussion in 'UPS Union Issues' started by AlliSeeisBrown, Oct 10, 2017.

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    4 weeks into Saturday Ground.
    Overall the operation is actually alright. However, the staffing is not.
    12 drivers forced into T-S, only running 4-5 routes.
    Saturday layoffs- Best drivers stay, the favorites(kiss assers)/problem drivers, go home (typically of less seniority, which I know is grievable).
    One driver who sucks always gets laid off, even during the week, actually struck an under the table deal with management to be laid off Saturday’s in order to be on call for Monday’s. So technically he’s M-F while getting OT on Monday. Low seniority as well. That’s what is crossing the line with a handful of drivers.
    I’m trying to figure out the best way to handle this while looking at the bigger picture. As a group of good low seniority drivers (absolutely not runner gunners) some of us are apprehensive to grieve because management still looks to keep us content by giving us days off when we need them, considering some of us don’t have option/sick days. Some of us don’t want to sour that kind of relationship by going 100% contractual. But to us, this situation has crossed us.
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    Let me get this straight, you are "crossed" because management is doing backroom deals with other guys, but you don't want to go 100% contractual because your back room deals of getting days off might come to and end?

    You reap what you sow, enjoy your environment of jellyfish. When you and your coworkers decide to grow a set and not let management hang a day off like a dog treat over your nose, you'll be able to work and be treated with respect, using the contract as it's written instead of using it only when it benefits you, ignoring it otherwise.
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    Yeah was kinda hammered when I wrote this. Going to hit you with an agree.
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    If any of you love backroom deals , horse trading, under the table dealing. Just cmon over to lake delton wi center. It a regular Payton Place!
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    This needs to be said, and it's not to pile on the OP who already admitted their scenario was "hammered" out in the fog.

    When you take a job in a union shop, you become part of unit (a bargaining unit) and are no longer an individual in your employment.
    Everything we do, we need to do as one.
    Any less does a disservice to generations prior, who fought, toiled, sacrificed, and ultimately persevered to give us what we have today.
    Are you paying it forward?

    When we attempt to carve out "deals" outside of the contract, we undermine our brothers and empower the Company to exploit our collective weaknesses.

    To turn a blind eye, makes you complicit, but please resolve these differences through union "machinery".
    Taking it to the Company only leads to misery for both parties.

    Tailor your life around the job, not the job around your life.
    Do this and you will succeed at UPS, choose the inverse and they will own you.
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    Anyone wanna make deals with me?
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    I rated it "optimistic" for the rainbow charm.
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    I do.

    Post like an adult and I will stop criticizing you.
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    @Indecisi0n will tell you, I jumped on some of his/her posts because I thought

    they were devoid of content, and childishly overt with sexual innuendo.

    But, I realized maybe it was a coping mechanism or I was just being a prude.

    Now.... I just have to laugh. Filter through it, and there are quality posts.

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    How many gallons of muck should I have to wade through just to find the occasional gem?
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    Are you hinting that a moderators post aren't quality? That really ....Bugs me.
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    As a pkg car guy....

    You have to have some of these.