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    We will see when we actually get dirty with the details of the proposal, but from what my BA told me today, this appears--APPEARS--to be a good deal for us. I heard improved language about the cardinal sin clause, the $4400 accident clause that means automatic suspension has been eliminated, and increased pension contributions. After the union meeting I attended a few weeks back, I'm not sure how much good a few extra hundred dollars a month will mean for us who have a ways to go until retirement. When Central States tells you they pay out two for every one they bring in, and that the only way they can turn that around is help from Congress--GULP!!--that doesn't make me feel too comfortable. But that is another conversation.

    Again, I'll make the final judgement when the concrete sets, BUT, tentatively, I have to give props to hall. He seems to have done a excellent job against water bottle of douche bags in the bargaining room. Now, I'll never be satisfied with Jimmy Hoffa. Never have, and never will, so shut up about it. But he kept hall as chief negotiator, so I'll ignore his screw-ups if our canoe keeps flowing downstream.

    So, until I get the details, I will say, good job Ken.
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    This may be my favorite post all time.
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    Wha wha whaaatttttt?!!!
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    Threw me too ... I was like WTF?
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    I told you I'm not a member of TDU. I'm a Teamster. What's good for the Teamsters is good for me. If TDU gives me good info, then I'm all over it. I won't drink the kool-aid for anyone. Stink, you drank it for Hoffa. That's great if it works out for all of us, but when it isn't, you're married to one side. I refuse to do that. Same for politics. I openly admit I voted for Obama twice. And there isn't a politician that has disappointed me more than Obama. But I won't close my eyes and be led along a dark path.

    I keep my eyes open.
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    You guys have that much difficulty with principles? I feel bad for you.
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    But ... you're Dracula!
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    I've always said I'm a hall/O'Brien guy. As far as Hoff for prez, my order was Hoffa, that other guy, my 8 year old niece, the guy outside the methadone clinic, and if I can't think of anyone else I guess Pope but only if she keeps texting me nudes of her doing other chicks.
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    Yeah, but look at the fine, fine light in my Hollywood headshot....
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    One of the negatives my BA told me was in relation to package car drivers. In our area, we had one of the strongest supplements around concerning 9.5 language. Much stronger than the National contract. But he said that was going away and was going to dovetail into the national language.

    Negative for you guys who don't like working over 9.5, anyway. I always would have filed grievances if I would have worked UNDER 9.5...but apparently, they don't allow that...bastards.
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    can somebody help me with some details??

    1. what was FT wage in 1997?

    2. what is a ballpark figure for our TOTAL compensation package now? ( wages, hr. pension contribution, health hr. contribution, workmans comp, disibilty and social security and any others )

    our BA said it was around $50 an hr base but not sure.

    3.what has been the company profits and growth since 1997? how could i research that?

    i appreciate any help.

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    Orang, in 97 I think we were at like 23 with 7 in health and pension. After this we will be about 36 and 22 in health and pension. So 30 vs 58.
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