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    Yes. Thank you!!
    Dude, are they doing IV hash now, where you're at??
    Every @KoennenTiger post:
    "I'm the greatest! I'm the best at my route! Everyone is :censored2: except for me! I'm so cool! I have eyes! I'm the best! My wife doesn't wear shoes!
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    This story doesn’t sound real. I’m guessing you’ve been a preloader for 12yrs and just went driving. So you did this within your 40days. They usually plant salt packages on probation drivers.
    So yeah if this is the case...you’re disqualified.
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    Did it to a driver at my building a couple weeks ago. He was out for about a week then came back.
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    One reason I quit college was I was a straight A student for everything except english, or any form of writing for that matter. I flunked 8 whole years of writing classes even while everything else was going great.
    Don't worry though, the real reason I quit college was because I had two local code monkeys: one who worked for Intel and another who worked for the now-deceased Yahoo rant about forced hours (they are paid a salary), incredibly boring desk work and arbitrary layoffs and terminations that tanked both of their salaries to as low as $30,000 a year. I make that much on the Preload.

    Let's loop that back around:
    Why the hell would anybody risk their job at UPS if they have a good chance of winning union grievances?
    Even the dumbest repeat offender should see the writing on the wall that their safety net is eroding away. They're not just going to have another smoked package the very next day.
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    Ha, you wish.
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    LOL, say what now??
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    Let it play out. Be patient and wait to see if the person who misloaded the pkg was fired. If not, hire an attorney and sue for discrimination and never work there again. Also has any other driver been fired for that? I doubt it. Stand your ground. File discrimination.
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    If they're blatantly salting the loads like he claims then why not beat them at their own games?
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    I never salted any of my drivers... unless I suspected they weren’t sending misload messages in or not sheeting. Check in audits are an easy way to catch you with your pants down. Your manager and supervisor could be a couple of asshats. who knows..

    generally management doesn’t chase guys doing the right thing.

    So what really happened? They made you deliver misloads you sent in before... you stopped sending misload messages in... BOOM gotcha! You’ll get your job back. Be smarter next time. Learn how to play the game.
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    You see a lot of cases like this at the panel.might not be real dishonesty but the company has taken the position it is.
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    But you said to arrive early to look, essentially working off the clock for free.
  12. Scan every package, it's not that hard.
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    Find it/ them on route ~ on.the.clock ~
    They already know it's not going to a customer for that day, so play the game smartly and WAD of wut to do with it/them via diad messages
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    Ya..send them in like your supposed too...

    Beat us at our own game!
  15. I just shove them in the FedEx box... Wasn't on my truck
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