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    Screenshot_20200203-153442_Adobe Acrobat.jpg

    I'm sure he has been instructed on how to handle a misload. He did not properly process his misloads
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    Oh okay so they are considered exception packages. I didn't know that. I always thought those were any of the non delivery options in the diad. Good to know. Thanks for the clarification.
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    I wonder if there is lost footage of you on the Sesame Street set fighting Cookie Monster for cookies....
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    You will get your job back if your story is what really happen.
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    could be
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    Uh, that's 17(a). Not 17(i).
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    I believe the op is missing parts of his story, it just doesn’t add up.
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    Yeah, I thought he had no prior screw ups during his dozen year tenure...

    Wut other screw ups did you do? U definitely have a target on your back if they flat out discharged you for a salt

    Add this to your playlist because they're gunning for u if u get your job back:

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    Man, as soon as I see a box that’s not mine I scan that bit**, hit N (unless it’s only a few minutes away) set it next to my bag and wait for reply. Every single time. Right away. Just part of the j-o-b
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  10. BrownMonk

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    Did you send a message to the center? If you did, you made them aware and therefore dishonesty is out. Tell them you were waiting till you got to the building in case they sent someone to get it off your truck and deliver it or putting in the office for customer to pickup. You wouldn't want to give the center a misload if you were getting it to the customer anyway. My 2 cents.
    Now, how exactly do you get seniority over Christmas. These are a freeze periods everywhere?
  11. So you found a misload in your car.

    You didn't sheet it up when you found it.

    You didn't sheet it up at the next stop, either.

    Or the next stop. Or the next...

    You finished your entire day, then drove back to the building, without sheeting it up. At which point, your supervisor confronted you with the fact you didn't sheet it up.

    To believe this was just a mistake on your part, we would have to accept that there was a compelling reason for you not to sheet it when you first found it, and that you just "forgot" about it throughout the entire rest of your day, and at no point did you see or handle the package in your truck for the entire rest of your day to "remind" you that it existed.

    To make matters worse, we know this was a SALT package. You were almost certainly SALTed because of a suspected issue with your behavior (either dishonesty, or ability to follow methods/instructions).

    Dishonesty is the most plausible explanation for your behavior. This is why you were fired. It's just like if you were at a store and put some merchandise in your front pocket along with your phone, and later walked out of the store without paying for it. Oh, and you took your phone out of said pocket a dozen times after you put the merchandise in there, but uhh, didn't notice the merchandise that shouldn't be there during any of those times somehow. Maybe you totally forgot it was there and never noticed it again, but good luck convincing the police, a judge, or an unbiased jury that you didn't intend to steal it given your actions were 100% consistent with intentional theft and any reasonable person could have been expected to (1) not put the merchandise in there in the first place and also (2) realize it's in there and not steal it before walking out of the store.
  12. UnconTROLLed

    UnconTROLLed perfection

    apples and oranges but you already know that. It's funny you would frame this circumstance like they're a criminal. It's easily plausible that they forgot about it. There were times I had a misload and put it aside...so when I found three more later in the day, I could send them all together. Granted this was when reporting misloads via diad was a newer function
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    I get misloads all the time and guess what I sheet those :censored2:s before I come back to the center? MISSED!
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    Have you ever sent in a misload and gotten a message to bring the package to the office? This was probably a piece of salt
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  15. brownIEman

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    Well sure, if they OP says he forgot, then he forgot. Because no driver that burns a misload on purpose because they don't want to run it ever claims they forgot, they cop to it as soon as caught... /s

    So, it should just be a talk with to ask the driver to stop, he just needs some way to not forget to sheet them. Next time, another talk. He's even said this is not the first time. UPS is a shady corporation cause that prefer not to let drivers do this to them again, and again, and again without ever really any consequence.

    The sad thing is it doesn't sound like the OP has learned a lesson that's going to lead to any change in behavior cause in his view non of this is really his fault.

    Prediction- at panel the union reps sandbag and say "He just forgot, human mistake this is not a cardinal, lets reduce from term to suspension, time served and tell him don't do it again" the company reps agree, this does not sound like a hill they will defend too hard. OP will only hear the company is evil and being in a union means he can do anything he wants with no consequence and he's back within a year... (sooner depending on when misload sheeting becomes the flavor of the whatever timeframe and he gets caught again)
  16. We don't sheet misloads here until the end of the day as missed
  17. brownIEman

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    sheeting them missed at the end of the day sounds sketchy to me, but every operation is different, and sheeting missed at the end is not in the same league of sketch as burning them and not sheeting at all...
  18. They tell us not to sheet them as missed Incase they can figure a way to get the misload either delivered or get to the the right driver.

    Nothing Sketchy about that.

    You find the package send a message in that it's a misload and then it's on managements hands.

    If you don't hear anything back you sheet it as missed.
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    copy that
  20. Rodger that