Dog bites taking a bite out of profits

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  1. Wally

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    Bad hangover on both.
  2. Poop Head

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    They should switch to drinking antifreeze
  3. MissKnowItAll

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    My dogs, greyhounds and later Italian greyhounds couldn't wait for our mailman Dave, he gave them treats. They'd see his truck, wait for him then run along the fence as he drove by. They loved him and he loved them, he got a kick out of it.

    I have a homemade treat recipe in my book from an animal control course I took using cut up microwaved hotdogs that become dried out so you can carry them in a pouch. I have to find it or I'm sure Google has something similar.
  4. Wally

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    Great dogs. One time I was driving down this long road and two greyhounds blew right by my truck. I was doing around 30 mph, lol. They sure can run.
  5. oldngray

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    My sister had a retired racing greyhound. Friendly and very quiet. Kind of stubborn though. And loved to run circles around the yard.
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  6. watdaflock?

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    Why does your stubborn sister run circles around the yard?