FedEx Express vs. UPS - These numbers say it all!

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  3. What a joke. Its amazing that at UPS they are doing the same exact job I do and I am practically on welfare and the UPS guy is living the high life.
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    UPS guy is doing twice as much work, you ever seen Fed Ex package car, they do not run 150 stops with 300 pcs plus pick ups.
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    Had a rt on Mexican border where I didn't get to first stop until 1045 or later, did 75 to 100 stops, pupped a stop at end of day that usually had 100 to 600 boxes, drove 60 miles to
    meet shuttle, then took lunch around 2000-2030, then drove 60 miles home. And that area had 3 to 4 months of 100+ degree heat with humidity. And there were several UPS drivers in area I covered. Hell on Earth for which I was making $12 something an hour. And the kicker is mgr lied about location of his JCAT openings to get me there. Had no idea what I was getting myself into but what I was paid for what I had to do every day was criminal. But it was only about 4 years after I had been rehired so I was still under the belief that FedEx would top me out eventually and everything I was going through would be worth it. What a fool I was to ever believe that and anyone who kids themselves into believing it'll get better eventually is making the same mistake I did.
  6. no he's not. when i pull into a neighborhood and i have two stops. he has 8 stops. it's condensed. he's not working harder than me.
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    Exactly. There are 4 UPS drivers in the area I cover. My stops are way more spread-out. Of course they are going to have higher numbers.
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  9. There is no UPS driver that could make 150+ deliveries a day in an area spread out like we cover. he would be out there till midnight. Not only do they not work harder. i would argue we work harder. they don't even load their own trucks.
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    Yeah, and I'd gladly do what they do for their pay and benefits. I think the average UPS driver would be absolutely miserable doing what we do for our pay. He'd be thinking "get me back to UPS where at least I got paid!"
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    The IBT is MIA, which is a WTF IMO.
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    By now I would think it's ATBE (as to be expected).
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    Thanx for the update.

    I mean TFTU. :detective
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    Already mentioned, but the UPS driver is worked much harder (maybe not 2x , but quite a bit).
  15. Again. Let me repeat myself. No he's not. He's not working harder than me. I'm a swing and I bend over every day and get dogged. He is definitely working way harder than guys in my station with 20+ years that have cush routes and basically drive around all day cycling. Going to the same business stop three or four times a day. Basically doing nothing all day. The UPS guy is working harder than that guy. He's not working harder than me. I know that for a fact.
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    IMO stop counts are quite a bit diffrent. FedEx drives more but does less stops. UPS has smaller routes but do alot more stops than we do. The UPS driver does alot more physical labor than FedEx but that being said we drive alot more which means we constantly have to be on our toes and we have a higher risk of a accident. UPS is physically draining and we are mentally drained from all the driving.
    I may only do 90 to 110 stops a day but I drive over 200 miles and cover 5 zips. The UPS drivers on my route do 200 stops plus a day with a fully loaded truck and there are about 10 of them on my route that I know of. Very rarely I have no walk path in my vehicle where as UPS never seems to have a path until its pick up time. We all do the same job but UPS is definatley more physical.
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    OK, we both have hard jobs and the upser is getting paid to hore out his body. What this job will do to you in 20-30 years is burn out your body, but at least you got paid. Fair exchange and moral. I make $80,000 a year and I'm still trying to start my own business so I can get the hell out of ups before I'm a cripple. If I made jump change, forget about it.
  18. We are both going to be crippled. the difference is you are being compensated fairly and I am not. walking up and down the steps of the truck 100-200 times a day and walking up people's steps 100-200 times a day will blow you're knees out guaranteed. You will be living the high life in Florida and when fed ex feels like I've given everything I have to give I will be pumping gas somewhere.
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    Which do you prefer? Pumping gas or getting pumped in the.... Nevermind. I don't think I want to know.:wink2::peaceful:
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