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    okay so I had an interview for a feeder position I showed up at the interview and there was a small group about 8 guys . Eventually the interview started or more like presentation a woman from hr took are names and a driver manager spoke to us as a group. he then answered questions from us like is it a full time position what are the hours,salary Ect . I asked if this was a foot in the door position And are we here because we qualified. the driver manager said that this is a foot in the door in fact we very rarely higher Off the street and that you're all here because you are qualified so my real questionis this going to lead to a second interview and road test or is this just a more and less A fancy presentation ?

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    I went thru an interview for the parcel side as a driver and then for the dockworker position I have now with freight. With freight I knew they were serious when they started my background investigation. Did they say what the next step would be. On the parcel side we got a "we will make calls by Friday." I didn't get a call so went to the freight interview the next week. Flipping my military CDL over now, gotta go the long way I guess. After learning more about the different sides I would rather drive the large cars anyways.