Fired For Not Wearing Seatbelt

Discussion in 'UPS Discussions' started by mittam, Jun 18, 2008.

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    Friday we had a driver taken out of service, violation, not wearing seat belt. center manager left driver hanging for 2 days and brought him back suspended time served. They agreed to pay the guarantee 8 for Friday but nothing for Monday. Never once had driver been issued a verbal or written warning for anything. Union said driver will be made whole by end of week. No suspension on record just a warning. I think everyone here will agree on safety does have to come first but this manager needs to learn his boundaries also.
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    Southwest Center???
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    yep who r you
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    He should not be fired,but he should not be paid for the 2 days.
    It might ring his bell not to do it again.
    A driver not wearing a seatbelt behind the wheel of a UPS truck needs a good shaking up.
  5. Cementups

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    I would chane that to ANY driver of ANY vehicle. Those 2 seconds could save your life.
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    You can lose your job here for not wearing a seat belt at all times. Why would a professional driver not have a seatbelt on? It's just stupid, and not because you can get fired for it, but because it could mean the difference between alive and dead. The union can't get you back pay if you're dead.
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    I see it as your driver needs to learn the boundaries. And he really needs to take the lesson to heart.

    As for making him whole by the end of the week, I guess that is more important to some people that keeping them alive to the end of the week. I have seen that backfire. BTW, look in the contract. See if that is not now a cardinal sin. One that you can be fired for on the spot without warning letters first.

    After all, UPS gives you a warning on this, and next week you are killed while not wearing one. What do you think their liability would be?

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    I know a driver who was fired for the same thing. He had a bunch of stops close together and didnt put his belt on...
  10. rod

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    Even though I use a seatbelt religiously and wear a helmet while motorcycling I still think self-protection laws are stupid. It's just another money maker for law enforcement. If a person wants to take the risk they should have that right. What next- a law against the Hardees Thick Burger for clogging your arteries?:peaceful: Man -by nature- is a risk taker.
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    Totally agree.
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    As a feeder, after my regular run, I was asked to work the yard as it was very busy that day, I had to climb up and down the side of the road horse, put the seatbelt on and off, carry the key on my finger each and every drop, start and stop the engine too.....And they want you to keep up with the pace. I worked as directed and it was a tireing day (14 Hours). The only thing that I see that is an issue with the seat belt law is the people who are not covered by insurance and get into an accident....did not use a seatbelt and are now in the public cuff at a rehab unit.
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    If its a company vehicle they can make the rules as they see fit. Even if there were no self-protection law UPS could still make and enforce this rule. I do agree with you about Hardees though. Keep your laws out of my stomach!!!
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    :happy2:agree safety first.but not to fire him on first offense.also doesn't the c.m.have anything else better to do than drive around all day.should stay in center get his own work done.
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    I think whoever decided it wasn't in UPS's best interest to install 3 point seat belts on each package car should be fired. How about that.
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    I'm sure it wasn't his first offense, it was the first time he was caught.

    We all know how UPS on toting their safety. Why would anyone be so stupid not to wear the belt?
  17. UpstateNYUPSer

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    Exactly. Well said.
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    Wearing a seat belt is part of delivery 101, You should be fired for not wearing one.
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    It's been made very clear over the years at our center that a first offense no-seatbelt is instant temination, evrybody knows it so it's nothing new. We had a guy get fired for this but then also get his job back in a few days.