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    When stopped in traffic a car length of space is required from the vehicle ahead. This will allow enough space to pull your car around the vehicle if it should stall and give you an instant cushion if it should make a turn from what i can remember from integrad in Atlanta 3yrs ago
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    Not bad. But once you pass Integrad, you can forget all that crap and keep it short and simple for any Keter audit.

    When stopped in traffic, keep one car length between you and the vehicle in front of you.
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    My first year driving i was at a stop sign fully stopped with my emergency brake up and the shifter in park. A car was traveling down the main road made a sharp left and drove right into the front of my truck while i was honking my horn. That accident was deemed unavoidable by UPS. Im sure the OP will be fine and have a similar ruling.
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    I know but it been drilled into my head and everytime i have a safety ride the sup just looks at me crazy when i go into full detail like that.
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    Like I told Rolly Polly, if that's how you remember it, keep it that way.

    But if you have trouble remembering all that mumbo jumbo, it can be shortened. OSHA is not looking for all that word for word crap.
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    Our ORS want everything word for word. They told me they want us to know it all word for word at any moment they ask
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    Ask where it says you have to memorize their bs in the contract? Or trade with them and tell them you will say their 10 point word for word when they can state article 37 of the nma word for word.
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    Tell him that ain't gonna happen.

    You do not need to know it word for word like you did to pass Integrad.

    The shorthand version is acceptable to Keter.
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    40 years ago before 10 point and Keter we were told that we must be able to see the bottom half of the rear tires of the vehicle stopped in front of us.
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    Wgaf.....I’m surprised your dad didn’t tell you to stay the f away from this place and actually go get a “real” job.....
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    You can get into a couple accidents a year every year and still get circle of honor pretty close to 25 years, if they are timed correctly. Just saying.

    Why would you put it in park at a stop sign? Why would you even have the brake on?
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    Guilty till proven innocent
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  14. UrFellowUpser

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  15. You never put it into park, unless you are actually parking it.
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    No where in the contract does it say you have to recite any of that garbage.
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    That's what I was thinking. I use the hand brake at lights, and put it in neutral if I'm in a manual. You don't generally stay still at stops signs long enough to use the brake.
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    It was one of them dreaded left turns i had to make and i was going to sit there for a while
  19. That's not how I was taught.
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    I drove for over 20 yrs, never had an problems, but I still never received any awards. Because Air Drivers are not counted.