For anyone thinking UPS can't afford to pay us come contract time....

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    Looks like the Mercedes version of the Sprinter, which was originally a Mercedes vehicle, which has been modified for UPS purposes. There is nothing luxurious about it at all.

    Mercedes makes most of the trucks used in Germany and they are not the Mercedes you see here in the US.

    This is the equivalent of a GMC, at best and will most likely just be used in Europe.
    Furthermore, these will be paid for by International profits, not US profits.

    A couple of comments from FB:
    It just looks like a regular UPS truck to me but just by mercedes benz.

    Tires look too small in my opinion, but besides that, nice truck!
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    this is a good investment. UPS is almost always looking at the ROI.
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    I was stationed in Germany in the Army in the 70's. They had Mercedes taxicabs, most with diesels. One German told me he was buying a BMW, I asked about Mercedes, he said BMW's better. Like Hoaxster said they are like GMC in Europe.
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    I mean seriously we work for this company we should know better. We are never going to see a leather seat with air conditioning and a radio.

    I'm fine with that these trucks should be built to take abuse. Give me an auto with power steering and a reasonably low step. That's all any of us should ask for

    If you want a nicer truck go work for FedEx and buy your own.
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    Reminds me of when I was heavy equipment operator in mid-70s. Hot, dirty, windy, bouncy, noisy, endless hours (more than UPS) running Cat 621 scraper. Got a new one. Kid (yeah, I wasn't much older) says, "Isn't this NICE?".

    Me: "No, it's still WORK!".
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    If only they would wash them they all look nice. LOL before someone slaps me.
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    Brownslave688 You want a toe? I can get you a toe.

    Heavy machinery OP. nice. My brother in law makes as much as me and only works 9-10 months out of the year running heavy machinery.
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    I hate package cars without flat fronts. Seriously who orders these things? Sprinter and that new Isuzu Plastic truck are the worst things this company put on the road since the old GMC non power 1000's and 800's.
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    You forgot about the old Ford 600s.Now that was a pile of crap!!Had about the same steering radius as a 1000..Pedals that came up from the floor!(when you looked down you could see the street through the floor).....and the fumes!!! Im still dizzy from them!!!
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    I was wondering. :wink2:
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    thanx now you know why I am like I am
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    And there was the old Ford P-32's. Those were magical. And the bull nosed slow as pigs 700's. They started with 651 and 652. The only good thing about those were you could turn the steering wheel with just your arm hair.
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    Amen to that.
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    are those trucks air conditioned? When the customer looks at you soaked in sweat.:knockedout:
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    Actually took a cut in hourly pay to do UPS. BUT, worked sometimes from 7 to 11 at night-7 days. Yeah, made tons o money but in mid 70s it was going down. Had to get out.

    I think now, locally, they're a tad below UPS wages. Ain't checked for long time.

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