Full-time wage increases??


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I talked to JD Wentworth and they laughed at me.
Actually JD Wentworth will happily give you cash now if they can tap your pension checks.

It's a simply present value money equitation and they come out ahead in all but a TRUMP/BIDEN inflationary level for the next 35 years.

That way by the time you retire only your ex-wife and JD Wentworth will be getting your pension.


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Just do the math on the 3K bonus and you’ll realize it’s total horse crap. For instance, my building has 4 centers with about 100 drivers in each center. Plus a 350 man feeder department, give or take. Grab your calculator and you’ll see the math come out to OVER TWO MILLION dollars just in my building alone. That’s never going to happen.……….ever………..like never.
That’s lunch money to ups to be honest


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Diz som relz shek men wut ur homiz b sayz
And now a Wallation™:

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"The reality of the statement made by our colleague in the previous post rings true. The situation is serious, and I for one am quite concerned".